Tag: Pharmacy

1. November 2023

On the trail of pharmaceutical development From the Pharmaceutical Collection of TU Braunschweig

7. September 2023

PJ-Akademie—Klinikum Braunschweig, Apothekerkammer and TU Braunschweig launch pilot project

6. September 2023

Using microchips to better understand diseases like schizophrenia TU Braunschweig: Dr Thomas Winkler receives ERC Starting Grant

21. March 2023

Chip platform for cell-based test systems Joint project works on complex animal experiment replacement systems for fundamental research

16. February 2023

Regenerating tissue transitions Protein-releasing implant aims to provide new treatment for tendon-bone junction tears

1. December 2022

Picture of the month: From engine construction to pharmaceutical application Nanoporous membranes from the Institute for Materials Science

17. August 2022

Careful use of scarce resources begins with wastewater Research project: How wastewater from pharmaceutical production can be purified in an energy-saving way

1. August 2022

Picture of the Month: Oregano Spice with healing properties grows in the Medicinal Plant Garden at TU Braunschweig

28. July 2022

Understanding and treating diseases Core Research Area "Infection and Therapeutics“ presents itself at Poster Marketplace

26. November 2021

More Effectiveness, Fewer Side Effects On the way to individualised medicine

17. November 2021

Lower Saxony Science Award goes to Professor Arno Kwade and student initiative MethodAid Awarded for research achievements and social commitment

Etwas mehr als ein Dutzend Zebrafische schwimmen in einem Glasbehälter 22. June 2021

Key protein in trisomy 21 inhibited A new approach to a potential active agent

23. March 2021

Bioinformatics: Handling the Thousands A short portrait of Ruibing Shi from the PhD program “Drug Discovery and Chemical Informatics for New Anti-Infectives”

1. March 2021

Image of the Month March: 3D Microfluidics for Customized Nanoparticles Precise production of nanoparticles as carriers for low-solubility active ingredients

25. February 2021

Specialised Information Service Pharmacy – Germany-wide Service for Academic Pharmaceutical Research SIS Pharmacy starts third project phase in 2021

18. February 2021

How Machine Learning can help in the development of new drugs A short portrait of Georgios Kallergis from the PhD programme "Drug Discovery and Chemical Informatics for New Anti-Infectives"

11. February 2021

Active Ingredient Against Parasites in the Eye Short portrait of Tomas Rimkus from the doctoral program "Drug Discovery and Cheminformatics for New Anti-Infectives"

3. February 2021

Drugs from gold compounds A short portrait of Seyedeh Mahbobeh Mahdavi from the doctoral programme "Drug Discovery and Chemical Informatics for New Anti-Infectives"

1. February 2021

Picture of the Month: From the Plant to the Microorganism From the Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology