Tag: Equality

15. July 2022

Show your true (rainbow) colours This was the first Tag der Vielfalt at TU Braunschweig

Professorin Melanie Brinkmann gehört zum Gründungsteam von Infect-Net. Bildnachweis: Moritz Küstner 7. July 2022

Network of Female German Infection Researchers Professor Melanie Brinkmann is in the founding team of Infect-Net

8. June 2022

Professorinnen@TU Braunschweig Network meeting at the Architecture Pavilion

Kim Bräuer/TU Braunschweig 1. June 2022

Connecting teaching, research and science communication Research on fathers: Students have their say in the "Superheroes" podcast

17. May 2022

[we want to] KNOW MORE TU Braunschweig: Launch of awareness campaign against sexualised violence

12. May 2022

Equal opportunities and diversity Our President’s spotlights

4. March 2022

Three Women, Three Questions Perspectives on International Women's Day

13. January 2022

How understandable is the gender asterisk? Experiments at TU Braunschweig indicate different effects for plural and singular forms

27. October 2021

Awarded for exemplary equal opportunities and diversity TU Braunschweig receives Total E-Quality rating and sustainability award

16. July 2021

For a colorful, diverse and open-minded university By raising the rainbow flag the TU Braunschweig takes a stand

5. May 2021

Career Opportunities and Meaningfulness Professor Sabine C. Langer on the SE²A research club "changING", MINT subjects and noise research