17. June 2022 | Press releases:

Floating furniture in the river TU Braunschweig accompanies documenta15 project "Citizenship”

From Berlin to Kassel by water: this is how the “Citizenship”, the roof of the event hall of the ZK/U Berlin – Center for Art and Urbanistics, is travelling to the documenta15 art exhibition in Kassel. It will be accompanied by students from the Institute for Architecture-Related Art at Technische Universität Braunschweig between Wolfsburg and Braunschweig on 24 and 25 June 2022. For the route, the budding architects have built a very special type of water-suitable furniture.

Since the beginning of June, the art boat “Citizenship” has been on its way to Kassel. As a contribution to documenta15, the old wooden gable roof of the event hall of the ZK/U Berlin – Center for Art and Urbanistics was taken down and rebuilt. Turned upside down, it has become the hull of a boat and carries the crew across canals and rivers to the “museum of 100 days”, as the documenta is also called. It is propelled without fossil energy, with sheer muscle power and the help of citizens. On its 600-kilometre route, the “Citizenship” will stop near the Sülfeld lock in Wolfsburg on 24 and 25 June 2022.

Boats made from bulky waste

From there on, the ship will be accompanied by students from the Institute for Architecture-Related Art (IAK) at TU Braunschweig. Around 140 of them will create various contributions on and in the Mittelland Canal around the “Citizenship”: Performance, sound art and floating sculptures form the programme that welcomes the international travel group with artists from Copenhagen, Tanzania, Berlin and Amsterdam. The architecture students have built a total of 22 boats from bulky waste: Old shelves, sofas and cupboards were used. With the “Floating Furniture” they will paddle around the “Citizenship” on the Mittelland Canal.

About the Institute for Architecture-Related Art (IAK)

The Institute, headed by Professor Folke Köbberling, has been drawing attention to itself for several years through art projects in public spaces. Among other things, there were participations in the Lichtparcours Braunschweig 2016 and 2020. A sensational one-month exhibition in summer 2019 on Braunschweig’s Südsee with floating sculptures on the theme of “sea level rise” was also held. In 2019, the Institute also received the first prize for the best motif float of the Braunschweig Schoduvel.


Friday, 24 June 2022

  • 12 noon Gate to the lock (Bridge Sülfeld)
  • 1 pm Intermezzo (Between Sülfeld lock and Edesbüttel open-air swimming pool)
  • 5 pm Culinary break
  • From 7 pm Nocturno (Edesbüttel open-air swimming pool)

Sat. 25 June 2022

  • 10 Uhr a.m. Canteen and scenery (Edesbüttel open-air swimming pool)
  • From 3 pm Finale

By the way, the stop at the outdoor pool Edesbüttel is the only one in the district of Gifhorn!

Further information on the “Citizenship”

The roof, which has been converted into a ship, is propelled by the support of the people along the route. The ship’s propulsion ranges from cultural exchange to food supply to accommodation and energy production. Anyone who would like to participate is welcome to contact the “Citizenship” team: https://www.zku-berlin.org/projects/citizenship-raise-the-roof/