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22. November 2022

The teaching of tomorrow – international, innovative, collaborative Conference on the future of digital international teaching

21. November 2022

CHE Ranking: Top results in Master’s degree programmes in Engineering and Psychology Teaching and research received very good marks

16. November 2022

TU cycling team races to the top Back in first place with new records

10. November 2022

More efficient machining systems for more sustainable production Nadine Madanchi awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize

28. October 2022

New Director of Braunschweig University Library Robert Strötgen takes over the management

28. October 2022

In dialogue with the President Let‘s talk about …

12. October 2022

Central first-semesters’ welcome and info fair again in presence After two years, again a colourful programme in the stadium and on the campus

5. October 2022

Protests in Iran Technische Universität Braunschweig condemns violence at Iranian universities

30. September 2022

The Week at TU Braunschweig │30.09.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

28. September 2022

New learning factory “Circular Battery Cell Production” comes to TU Braunschweig Learning environment for education and training being created for 3.7 million euros

1. September 2022

Continuing education: Audit process begins with kick-off workshop Focus on target group-specific didactics

31. August 2022

Picture of the month: Microstructure of the stomach wall – The key to healthy digestion From the Institute for Mechanics and Adaptronics

4. August 2022

Climate Change and Early Man research project launched Volkswagen Foundation funds research network with 1.6 million euros

24. February 2022

Attack on Ukraine Technische Universität Braunschweig expresses its solidarity

18. February 2022

Storm hits clouds at main lecture hall Artwork dismantled as a precaution

10. February 2022

Let’s talk: Shaping culture and change in studying and teaching Teaching strategies - rules, incentive systems and free spaces

Portrait-Aufnahme der Präsidentin Prof. Angela Ittel. 1. February 2022

Embarking on a new beginning and shaping the future together Our President’s spotlights

31. January 2022

Picture of the month: Early Crocus, Winter Aconite, Snowdrops and Witch Hazel The perfect "timing" in the Botanical Garden

27. January 2022

Sending clear signals and strong signs against hatred and agitation Commemorating the victims of National Socialism at TU Braunschweig