4. December 2023 | Note-Blog

HeinzeArchitekturAWARD 2023 for Student House

The series of awards for the TU Braunschweig Student House continues: following the German Architecture Prize and the Lower Saxony BDA Prize, the building was presented with the Heinze ArchitectureAWARD at the Climate Festival in Berlin on 23 November. It won in the “Best Cradle to Cradle” category.

The TU Braunschweig Student House was honoured with the Heinze ArchitectureAward. Picture credits: Iwan Baan

A total of 390 projects were submitted by architects and planning offices. 13 winners were honoured in the competition. The jury assessed the overall concept of the building, uniqueness, innovation, architectural excellence, sustainability and environmental, economic and socio-cultural quality.

“The representatives of the younger generation show us in an exemplary way how, despite all our worries about the future, we can set out into the unknown: idealistically, but with a clear, serious view of the future, coupled with a feeling of exhilarating lightness,” said the jury in its statement on the Student House. “With this building, Gustav Düsing and Max Hacke have achieved what at first seems impossible: to develop a new aesthetic of sustainability out of the narrow corset of all the weighty issues of the future, which remains objective and yet radiates confidence in order to transform itself – seemingly effortlessly – into a piece of built poetry”.