30. July 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │30.07.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: super election year + spotlight +  6G + rogue waves + offshore + molybdenum + Johnson²

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Election Survey

How does Braunschweig tick politically? Professor Nils Bandelow is leading a study on the region’s knowledge and thinking about local and state politics. Participate in the survey.

► New in the magazine: Spotlight

In the new series “Spotlight”, President Prof. Angela Ittel offers insights into selected topics and appointments. We start with her visits to our faculties: Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics.

► Four times TU Braunschweig in a BMBF-funded 6G Hub

In about ten years, 6G is expected to revolutionize communication. TU professors Eduard Jorswieck, Admela Jukan, Thomas Kürner and Vadim Issakov are actively shaping the change.

► How to predict irregularities

How to model a turbulent flow? How to detect irregularities in the heartbeat? And how can you predict a rogue wave? From now on, in any case, with the method of the Institute of Fluid Mechanics.

► Measuring wind farm effects over the North Sea with two airplanes

For the X-Wakes project, two TU research aircraft were used simultaneously for the first time in a measurement campaign to investigate the spatial distribution and recovery of the wind field in front of and behind offshore wind farms. The aim of the measurement data pool is to make realistic predictions of the energy yield of offshore wind farms.

► Vitally important for life – how does Molybdenum become biologically active?

In the cell, molybdenum is a component of the so-called molybdenum cofactor. Mutations in an enzyme that is important for the biosynthesis of the molybdenum cofactor, are lethal for the affected patients. The team led by Dr. Tobias Kruse has now been able to elucidate the mechanism of molybdenum insertase.

► In the city: The university among people

The Reallabor Hagenmarkt has changed the square in the city center of Braunschweig over the past weeks. Into an exhibition, discussion and teaching space, where locals exchanged ideas with students and teachers. “The TU has arrived in the city,” says Professor Folke Köbberling of the Institute of Architecture-Related Art (IAK).

► INNOspace Masters from the IGeP

Congratulations to Katharina Ostaszweski, Henriette Struckmann and Dr. Philip Heinisch for winning the INNOspace competition for space-related companies. The graduates of the Institute of Geophysics and extraterrestrial Physics have started their own business with magnetic field sensors.

► New student workspace opened at the elenia

Since Monday, the elenia Institute of High Voltage Technology and Power Systems has opened a new workroom with 28 computers. What was previously four offices is now a spacious, seminar-friendly space.

► Lower Saxony – Scotland Joint Forum 2021

The event on November 22 and 23 aims to bring together academics of all levels, staff and students from Lower Saxony and Scottish universities and to establish lasting contacts. For registration and further information.

► Have you already seen our new videos?

In 18 fresh videos, our students present their subjects. Perhaps you would also like to share them on your own websites and social media channels? Our web editors will be happy to help you with any questions.

► Darling of the Week

Our Darling of the Week handed out well welcomed universal door openers. The mobile vaccination team immunized about 100 people on campus with Johnson & Johnson. Next chance for the small prick is on August 5.