27. November 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │27.11.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: autonomous minister + Quantum education + protective structures + stressed batteries + myths + soda + spaceships + Christmas mood + caretaker

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► The health authorities need help!

The appeal, which our Vice-President Dietmar Smyrek sent to everyone by e-mail on Wednesday, has found a very positive resonance. 37 colleagues have already responded, almost half of the amount needed. We are very happy and thank you sincerely. More helpers are urgently needed, and student assistants and volunteers are welcome. Please contact Mr. Landherr in the personnel department. The first colleagues who are already working in a health office, report about friendly and relaxed contact persons, who are happy about any help.

 ► Minister Thümler in an automated car

The Minister of Science, Björn Thümler, visited the Automotive Research Center Niedersachsen this week and experienced the latest research on autonomous driving.

► An ecosystem of skilled workers for the quantum computer

“The skilled workers we will need in five years must be trained today.” Professor Rainer Müller, Head of the Department of Physics and Physics Didactics, explains in our interview what role “Quantum Education” plays in the “Quantum Valley Lower Saxony” project.

► Better armed against the tsunami

As part of an international team, scientists from the Leichtweiß Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources investigated the effects of the tsunami in Indonesia in 2018 on buildings. One of the aims is to improve the construction guidelines for tsunami-proof cities.

► More energy and less stress for batteries

Silicon could make batteries smaller and more powerful – but also more unstable and short-lived. Researchers at the Institute for Particle Technology are trying to make up for the disadvantages with tiny composite particles.

► The narrative construction of myths

We welcome Julia Schöll as the new Professor of Modern German Literature at the Institute of German Studies. In an interview, she tells us how texts by Thomas Mann are gaining an almost spooky topicality today.

► Building concepts against infections

The Institute for Constructive Design, Industrial and Healthcare Building is researching which structural measures in hospitals can help to reduce the transmission of pathogens and prevent infections.

► CoLiving-Campus

As part of the series “Auf eine Limo mit…“, Vice President Dietmar Smyrek and Head of Department Dr. Anja Hesse were interviewed about the planned science quarters on Campus North.

► Planetarium 2.0

A 15-metre dome full of stars is fascinating in itself. But three students at the Computer Graphics Lab are currently adding a new dimension to the experience: with individually steerable spaceships.

► UK-German Funding Initiative in the Humanities

The DFG funds research collaborations with Great Britain in the humanities. The application phase runs until 24 February.

► Christmas Greetings

The Christmas card is available as a print-ready PDF. In addition, the card is ready for InDesign and PowerPoint and can therefore be individually adapted for printing. For the first time, there is now a miniature version of the motif for the e-mail signature or the e-mail attachment.

► Star-Light on research flats

The new lighting in the research flats has an almost Christmassy feel. On the house facade, boxes measure the building’s thermal insulation. Behind each of the eight boxes are four temperature sensors. The LEDs in the measuring boxes are an added bonus and illuminate three sides of the building at night.

► Digital courses for online teaching

New tricks for academic teaching and how to digital exams: The programme for December of Teaching and Media Education is online.

► Start-up prize: Five TU spin-offs in the final

We’re keeping our fingers crossed: Five of our start-ups have reached the final of this year’s “Durchstarterpreis” of the state of Lower Saxony. The winners in the four categories will be announced on 1.12.

► Darling of the week

Our darlings of the week usually only become visible when something goes wrong. Every day they make sure that the Tentomax does not take flying lessons and that we can work in safe, bright and warm workplaces. On behalf of his team, caretaker Marcel Vogts took us along for his morning round – kindly waiting until a brighter hour to do so.