21. January 2022 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │21.01.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: whistleblower + science vs. tabloid + AI training + fieldwork with 5G + quantum algorithms + real lab 2.0 

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► Support for whistleblowers

IT security, scientific misconduct or bullying: The new website for whistleblowers offers information and contact options for a trusting exchange with TU Braunschweig. If desired, tips can also be given completely anonymously.

► The role of tabloid journalism in the pandemic

In times of a pandemic, science and journalism are particularly challenged. Friction quickly arises in the interaction with tabloid journalism. Science organisations and BILD will enter into dialogue in a public event on 28 January. Michael Meyer-Hermann, Professor at TU Braunschweig and Head of the Department of Systems Immunology at the HZI, will be one of the speakers.

► AI: Training neural networks more difficult than thought

Training neural networks is more challenging than previously thought, mathematician Dr Linda Kleist from the Algorithmics Department has proven together with computer scientists Mikkel Abrahamsen, University of Copenhagen, and Tillman Miltzow, Utrecht University.

► Solving hard problems with Quantum Computers

Quantum computing consists of hardware and software. While Quantum Valley Lower Saxony has so far mainly focused on hardware, two projects with Professor Sándor Fekete and Professor Ina Schaefer have now started developing the appropriate quantum algorithms.

► Sustainability for Marine Regions

As part of the research mission “Protection and Sustainable Utilization of Marine Areas” of the Deutsche Allianz für Meeresforschung, the joint project “CoastalFutures” is investigating the effects of the utilization of the sea and the coast. The Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources is also part of the project.

► Digitalisation: Farming with 5G and AI support

In the “5G Smart Country” project, concrete applications are being developed in the fields of agriculture and forestry in the region. In the “Smart Farming” sub-project, TU Braunschweig is researching, for example, how machines can work together in the field using 5G.

► Structural analysis becomes dynamic

We welcome Professor Roland Wüchner. The civil engineer has been head of the Institute for Structural Analysis and Dynamics since September. In our interview, he revealed to us how structural analysis is becoming dynamic, what is hidden behind the term wind engineering and what a simulation laboratory is.

► Congratulations …

to Professor Norman Hack. From 2018 he worked at the Institute for Structural Design as a Junior Professor for Digital Building Fabrication, after getting his PhD in Architecture at ETH Zürich. Now President Angela Ittel appointed him as Professor for Digital Construction.

► Junior Research Groups @ TU Braunschweig

From now on, the Core Research Area “Future City” will introduce the Junior Research Groups in a special monthly newsletter. The first one is “Communicating Scientists: Challenges, Competencies, Contexts (fourC)”. Anyone who would like to subscribe to the newsletter can do so here.

► Ideas wanted for the Reallabor Hagenmarkt

The season for the “Reallabor Hagenmarkt” is set to start again in March. The project is looking for participants who would like to contribute their ideas and help decide how the square should be used in the summer. The only requirement is that the projects should focus on the Core Research Area “Future City”.

► Free space for teaching development

The call for proposals “Freiraum 2022” is looking for innovative ideas for teaching, regardless of thematic and subject focus. It is aimed at teachers, students, university didacticians and all those with independent teaching responsibility.

► How can change in teaching and learning succeed?

Professor Sylvia Heuchemer (TH Köln), Franziska Iglisch (TU Braunschweig), Lavinia Ionica (Hochschulforum Digitalisierung) and Professor Frank Ziegele (HS Osnabrück) will talk about this in the digital event “Let’s talk: Teaching strategies – shaping culture and change in studying and teaching” on 3 February.

► Services as innovation drivers

In the series “Have a soda with …” of the innovation portal “Besser Smart” of the city of Braunschweig, this time Professor Susanne Robra-Bissantz from the Institute of Information Systems – Department of Information Management is a guest. In the video she talks about the many possibilities of digitalisation to create the perfect service and the nationwide initiative “Service for Good”.

► Walking through Braunschweig with Galka Scheyer

Following in the trails of the artist and art mediator Galka Scheyer (1889-1945), who was born in Braunschweig, you can now stroll through the Lion City. The free brochure was published by the Bet Tfila – Research Centre for Jewish Architecture in Europe and the Galka Emmy Scheyer Zentrum e.V.

► Horizon Europe Cluster 5

On 3 February, the European Commission is organising a virtual information day on the current 74 calls for proposals in the fields of climate, energy and mobility. Neither for this nor for the associated brokerage event on 4 February registration is required.

► Students stay in touch

The consequences of the Corona situation are also being felt by student groups – like those of the German Welding Society. They are therefore resorting to other formats to stay in touch with each other. One example is the group from Braunschweig.

► Darling of the week

Our darling this week likes to steal hearts and treats: Joy, the election volunteer on four paws. Together with Loreen Kaiser, Adrian Brozek, Anastasia Bunke, Marcel Gaeding and Lisa-Marie Wünsch, he represents the Superior Electoral Committee of TU Braunschweig this semester. In the past few days and weeks, the team has been working hard to increase participation in the student elections. By the way, to the student assistants (having an electoral right) who receive this newsletter: Today is the last day of elections, so take the chance and submit your vote!