12. November 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │12.11.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: vaccination vaccination + partial foot prostheses + dynamic molecules + internationalisation + digital teaching + dining

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► The president’s vaccination appeal

The development of the fourth wave of the Corona pandemic is alarming. The President of TU Braunschweig, Professor Angela Ittel, therefore appeals to the students and employees of the university: “In the coming weeks, we must all once again take special care of each other. This is the only way to stop the wave and serious consequences for our society. All those who have been vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson so far, I ask to get the booster vaccination as soon as possible. In addition, we should by all means reduce our contacts again to the bare minimum. We are very proud that TU Braunschweig has been so well disciplined through the pandemic. Thank you all for your contribution and for now contributing once again.”

► BionicWalker: Partial foot prosthesis with spring element being researched

A team of researchers working on the “BionicWalker” project wants to develop a new type of prosthesis for people who have had part of their foot amputated. The aim is to restore a normal, dynamic and symmetrical gait and in the end enable patients to return to their everyday social and professional lives more quickly.

► Minimal Forces with Enormous Effect on Molecules

Cell movement processes are enabled by dynamic macromolecules. These play a role in muscle cells, for example. Researchers at TU Braunschweig and University of Bordeaux have been able to show how the thrust forces in cells are controlled at the molecular level.

► How to become a classic?

Many communicating scientists today use networks and social media to increase visibility and reputation. But does this also help them to be widely read and cited even years later? Dr. Nicole Holzhauser researched this question for her field, sociology.

► What are the advantages of internationalisation?

President Prof. Angela Ittel, Daniela Gröschke (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Alexander Knoth (German Academic Exchange Service), Luca Kienel (AStA Executive Board) and Dr. Henriette Finsterbusch (RWTH Aachen University) will discuss this on 19 November as part of the online symposium “International Teaching”. The livestream of the discussion will start at 6 pm on our YouTube channel.

► Photo competition at the start of the semester

As the finale of this year’s welcome campaign for students, we organised a photo competition. The topic: “Impressions and emotions – show us your start into the new semester”. The jury has now decided and chosen three winners.

►Front runners in cycling

The victory in the 5th city cycling competition in the category “the team with the most total kilometres” went to 224 cyclists from TU Braunschweig. In three weeks, the team covered a total of 39,900.9 km by bike and also set an example for climate-friendly mobility. Congratulations!

► Staff travelcard

Employees of TU Braunschweig can already use all means of transport of the Verkehrsverbund Region Braunschweig at low prices with the Job-Abo. Another 37 participants and the prices will drop even further! 

► Support for digital teaching…

… is offered by the funding line of the Promoting Digital education through Global Interconnection (ProDiGI) project funded by the Innovation in Higher Education Foundation. Lecturers can apply until 16 January 2022. A digital information event will take place on 25 November.

► Understanding Horizon Europe Jargon

In the internal download area of the Research Service and EU Higher Education Office there is a glossary about frequently used terms related to application and project management.

► Timo Scholz is best in Lower Saxony

The Institute of Microtechnology is pleased with Timo Scholz for his vocational training as a microtechnologist, which he completed as the best in Lower Saxony. Under the difficult Corona conditions with a lot of independent work on the computer at home, it was not an easy task, but he mastered it with excellence.

► Dining hall of Mensa 2 also opens

… from Monday, 15 November. Anyone who wants to can then eat again just like in Mensa 1 under 2G conditions and with prior registration. All those who do not wish to or cannot register can continue to pick up their food for takeaway. All information and the menu is available at the Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen.

► Darlings of the week

… are this time Dilara, Bahador, Jiaqi, Malak, Sanghati and Jamie. In the “Campus Stories” format, the six students from Germany and around the world look back on their start at university and talk about new friendships, impressions and start-up difficulties. They share, for example, why it’s not too bad if the first semester doesn’t work out as expected and why German supermarket checkouts can be quite a challenge.