11. September 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │11.09.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: publishing and transferring data + diva + aroma + Mars Rover + currywurst

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► How to publish research data

The Paper is finished, but where to go with the research data? To the new research data repository! The TUBS.researchdata team will support you so that the data is not only archived, but accessible published.

► Burning electric vehicles

This year the “Braunschweiger Brandschutz-Tage” will focus on fires in electric cars and energy storage systems. In preparation, we spoke with Professor Jochen Zehfuß from the Institute of Building Materials, Concrete Construction and Fire Safety about how dangerous burning electric cars can be and what is important when extinguishing them.

► Hard and soft projectiles

The XPS at the research centre LENA is a real diva. If you don’t give her stable samples, you will be busy cleaning for days. But still: If you need chemical details, the large research equipment is the best place to go.

► Excellent aroma research

Professor Peter Winterhalter from the Institute of Food Chemistry has received the “Excellence in Flavor Award 2020”. This international award acknowledges outstanding commitment to flavour research.

► Far from any maintenance possibility

This weekend the student initiative ERIG starts at Europe’s largest space robotics challenge. If you want to witness a Mars Rover operating: The entire event will be broadcasted via livestream.

► Terahertz communication

The Institute of Communications Engineering is working on transferring 100 gigabytes within seconds. To present their research, the team around Professor Thomas Kürner made their own video.

► Darling of the Week

There are probably only a few people at TU Braunschweig where all departments notice when they are on holiday. Our darling of the week is one of them. Sabine Maurer kept the company canteen running on her own, despite Corona. Because when nothing works, there’s always Currywurst – “Lass es dir schmecken!”