29. February 2020 | Magazine:

Statement on the lecture in the context of the series "History in the castle" about Eva Braun

Last winter semester the lecture series “Female World History” took place in Wolfenbüttel Castle, a continuation of the joint lecture series “Geschichte im Schloss“ („History in the Castle”) of the Wolfenbüttel Castle Museum and the Institute of History at the TU Braunschweig. This semester’s topic was important women, pioneers and extraordinary female biographies.

The last lecture was entitled “‘… I, lover of the greatest man in Germany and on earth …‘ – Notes on Eva Braun”. It was cancelled by the speaker due to illness. We comment as follows on the criticism of individual citizens and on media inquiries:

The criticism reached us that the annoucement portrays Eva Braun as an important woman and pioneer of history.

We decisively reject the accusation of wanting to promote National Socialist ideas.

We are sincerely sorry that people feel hurt by the title of the event, which was in fact awkwardly formulated.

All persons involved take the critical comments very seriously.

The lecture was cancelled due to illness. The organizers are now thinking about how the scientist, known as a man of integrity, can explain in public discourse what he was and is actually interested in: namely, to reflect critically on why a woman who is actually historically insignificant, such as Eva Braun, still receives a great deal of media attention today. The result is a contribution against right-wing extremist legends.