8. December 2021 | Magazine:

One design – three awards Architecture students in competitions and successful

Stadtkrone Hafenplatz Berlin – with this design created at the Institut of Design and Architectural Strategies (IDAS), architecture students Guisong Zhang and Mengyue Feng have won the Heinze Award for Young Talent. This is already the third award for their outstanding work. Earlier this year, they received the Competitionline Campus Masters annual prize. And in the TRANSFORMATION 2020 competition organised by the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft im BDI e.V., they took second place.

The design Stadtkrone_Hafenplatz. Photo credit: Guisong Zhang und Mengyue Feng/TU Braunschweig

How can a neglected building from the 1970s be turned into a future-oriented, lively place? With their exemplary design Stadtkrone_Hafenplatz, Mengyue Feng and Guisong Zhang have developed a solution with which the area in Berlin’s Tiergarten district can also be further developed under economic aspects.

The students put a mirrored volume on top of the cross-shaped terrace building. This attachment retains 14,000 square metres of flexible office space. According to the design, the existing building will be renovated as a residential building. The roof areas of the new building will be used for urban farming, while the ground floors will house uses such as shops, a market hall, restaurant, workshops, studios and communal spaces. Behind the architectural approach is also a financing concept through which the office rents and the operation of urban farming should also contribute to the cross-financing of social housing as well as art and culture-related uses.

Further information on the website of Faculty 3.