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23. March 2023

A new start in Germany Scientist from Ukraine in the Isodrones team

15. March 2023

Honorary professorship for Dr Lars Schnieder New impulses for teaching in public transport

15. March 2023

Uni meets school Music project by student teachers to Rihanna song

7. March 2023

Searching for science talent worldwide Five questions for Dr. Dominik Baumgarten from the Research Services

27. February 2023

Countdown for climate Students build a ClimateCrisisClock at the Institute for Architecture-Related Art

24. February 2023

Solidarity with Ukraine Statement by the President of the TU Braunschweig

16. February 2023

Professor Ute Daniel receives the Historian’s Award of the City of Münster Award goes to a woman for the first time

9. February 2023

Visionary, initiator and person On the death of Professor Klaus Pierick

8. February 2023

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria TU Braunschweig stands in solidarity with those affected by the catastrophe

7. February 2023

A pavilion for Braunschweig’s city centre Exhibition shows competition entries by Architecture students

1. February 2023

Picture of the month: When fibres support the concrete wall Reinforcement for 3D printing from the "Additive Manufacturing in Construction" Collaborative Research Centre

26. January 2023

Sustainable management of existing buildings Development of a guideline for owners and project developers

24. January 2023

Marine conditions in Braunschweig Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources receives saltwater wave flow channel

19. January 2023

The secret of deep-rooted plants Dr. Matthias Beyer on his junior research group "Isodrones"

11. January 2023

Optimising the resources of heritage buildings Institute for Building Climatology and Energy of Architecture develops new assessment and planning approaches

11. January 2023

Cross-country travel on the virtual railway network Digital laboratory exercise with the universities of Zagreb, Žilina and ČVUT Prague

10. January 2023

Marine sediments from a depth of 8,000 metres Dr Marta Pérez Rodríguez on the “Island Impact” Expedition

21. December 2022

O nanotree, O nanotree ... how small are your leaves

14. December 2022

Department of Architecture showered with accolades Students and graduates received awards