10. November 2022 | Magazine:

More efficient machining systems for more sustainable production Nadine Madanchi awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize

In order to produce workpieces in large quantities and with complex geometries, machining systems are often used. An important component of such systems are cooling lubricants, which ensure a high quality of the workpieces and at the same time reduce wear on tools. As advantageous as this is, their usage requires the use of additional peripheral systems and is partly responsible for high energy and resource consumption.

In her doctoral thesis, for which she has now been awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize 2022, Dr. Nadine Madanchi developed a systemic approach to increasing the energy and resource efficiency of machining systems, taking into account all subsystems associated with the use of cooling lubricants. Her dissertation on this topic has now been awarded the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize 2022 as the best dissertation of the year 2021 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, with prize money of 5,000 euros.

f. l. Prof. Michael Gee, Dr. Nadine Madanchi, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Herrmann, and Prof. Klaus Dröder. Photo credit: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering/TU Braunschweig

In her dissertation, written at the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology, the award winner developed a modelling approach for each system element that encompasses the relationships between process parameters, cooling lubricant strategies and relevant elements of the machining system.

Sustainable production of the future

The award winner Dr. Nadine Madanchi. Photo credit: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering/TU Braunschweig

“The results of the dissertation presented meet a highly topical issue in the economy and society. The concept aims to increase efficiency and productivity in the use of electrical energy and raw materials. It thus contributes to reducing the primary energy demand in order to enable companies to significantly reduce production costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The case study conducted in the dissertation showed that by applying the concept developed by Nadine Madanchi, environmental impacts can be reduced by more than 30 per cent,” explained doctoral supervisor Professor Christoph Herrmann in his laudation. Greetings and congratulations were also sent by Prof. Manbir Sodhi from the University of Rhode Island in the USA, who attended the award ceremony virtually.

“I am very pleased to receive this award for my work, which aims to contribute to more efficient machining systems for sustainable production in the future,” says Dr. Nadine Madanchi.

In the presence of Prof. Klaus Dröder, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, family members, former colleagues and staff of the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology, Michael Gee, representing the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation, handed the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize endowed with 5,000 euros.

About the prize

The Frank Hirschvogel Foundation awards the prize in honour of the life’s work of Dr. Manfred Hirschvogel. Since 2013, it has been awarded annually at all TU9 universities, the nine leading technical universities in Germany, for the best doctorate of the past year in the field of mechanical engineering. The foundation recognises and rewards outstanding achievements with cash prizes, including the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize.