14. December 2022 | Magazine:

Department of Architecture showered with accolades Students and graduates received awards

From the Wolfsburg Award to the Campus Masters Jury Prize – at the end of the year it was raining accolades. The Department of Architecture at TU Braunschweig is delighted about the numerous prizes for young talent, awards and recognition for its students and graduates. We offer our warmest congratulations!

The students whose work was honoured at the Wolfsburg Award in the Alvar Aalto Kulturhaus. Photo credit: Stadt Wolfsburg/Lars Landmann

All four awards presented at the “Wolfsburg Award for urban vision” go to TU Braunschweig this year. For the first time, no first prize was awarded this year, but it was split between two commendations and two nominations.

Wolfsburg Award for urban vision

Urban Valley Wolfsburg. Design: Edwald Dederer, Paul Diebold, Johannes Schmidt

Two works created at Professor Volker Staab’s Institute of Architectural Design each received a commendation. The design “Urban Valley Wolfsburg” by Edwald Dederer, Paul Diebold and Johannes Schmidt shows a campus square in the area of the Bahnhofspassage, which is intended to bundle various public functions as a place of learning and meeting and is framed by terraced buildings.

The work “Rethink!” by Jakob Hillert and David Radivojevic, created at the same institute, proposes a conversion and partial change of use of the multi-storey car park on Poststraße in order to better link the nearby university with the city centre.

The nominated work “Lichtblick – Ein Andachtsraum” for the Waldschule Eichelkamp by Mariam Elghazaly and Simon Pfeffer, which they developed at the Institute of Design and Architectural Strategies under Professor Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, was also honoured. Likewise honoured was the urban planning study “Connecting Emil, Pünktchen & Anton. Wie von einem kindgerechten urbanen Umfeld allen profitieren” by Jasmin Gora, supervised by Professor Vanessa M. Carlow of the Institute for Sustainable Urbanism.

Heinze Awards

Antonia Hoffmeier receives the Heinze Award for her Master’s thesis. Photo credit: Antonia Hoffmeier/TU Braunschweig

Braunschweig students also won two of the four Heinze Award prizes for young talent. Antonia Hoffmeier was awarded for her Master’s thesis “Transformation und Wandel” (“Transformation and Change”) written at the Institute of Building Design under Professor Dan Schürch. Pascal Kapitza receives the award for his Master’s thesis “Finisterre”, which he developed at the Institute of Media and Design with Professor Matthias Karch. This continues an impressive series: Braunschweig Architecture students have won the prize for the fourth time in a row.

Antonia Hoffmeier’s work “Transformation & Wandel”, which has now won the prize, deals with the topic of future-oriented living on the Rhume. The graduate has transformed the former Harz paper mill and developed a future-oriented housing concept that is intended to respond to the changed individual living conditions and meet the desire for community.

Pascal Kapitza’s work has already received an award in the international BDA/SARP competition. The master’s thesis deals with the bunkers of the Atlantic Wall on the Normandy coast and proposes the addition of three buildings at different locations: Observatory, Mooring and Archive.

Laves Prize

Malin Meyer was awarded the Laves Prize for her Master’s thesis “The Reproductive House – Was ist Gemeinwohl?”, which she wrote at the Institute of Building Design under Professor Dan Schürch. She designed an open house for homeless people in the middle of Braunschweig between the banks of the Oker and the Gaußberg.

Students Julian Leineweber and Pascal Lumme received commendation for their design “KE park : HOME”. They developed a sustainable and contemporary concept for redensification by converting garage yards into modular flats with communal areas.

Campus Masters

Jan Ihnken Funk’s work addresses the contemporary use of Zeilenbau apartments. Picture credits: Jan Ihnken Funk/TU Braunschweig

Jan Ihnken Funk is the winner of the BauNetz Campus Masters November/December jury prize. His Master’s thesis, “Zeilenbauten zukunftsorientiert neu konfigurieren und weiterbauen”, supervised by Professor Dan Schürch at the Institute of Building Design, deals with the contemporary treatment of Zeilenbau apartments from the 1950s in relation to the existing buildings and the urban context, as well as with private and public spaces.