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A LeoPARD in the Lion City Publications and research data have a new home at TU Braunschweig

Digital library, publication server, institutional research data repository: the publication server of Technische Universität Braunschweig has had different names in the more than 20 years of its existence. But they meant the same thing. Now publications and research data have found their new home on LeoPARD.

Neuer Name und neues Gewand: Forschungsdaten und Publikationen sind nun auf LeoPARD zu Hause. Bildnachweis: Gideon Rothmann, Markus Hörster/TU Braunschweig

New name and new look: research data and publications are now at home on LeoPARD. Picture credits: Gideon Rothmann, Markus Hörster/TU Braunschweig

One for All with a Long History

The name “LeoPARD” is a combination of “Leo” for the Lion City of Braunschweig and the acronym for “Publications And Research Data”. The service supports scientists in the free Open Access publication of their research results as a first or second publication. In addition, it makes numerous valuable digitised works from special collections in the holdings of the university library and other cooperation partners available for research purposes.

With the functional extension to the institutional research data repository, researchers at TU Braunschweig have been provided with a further feature since August 2020: They can archive and publish their research data free of charge and link it to their publications. The move to the reposis service of the Verbundzentrale (vzg) in Göttingen in 2016 ensures sustainable availability and continuous integration of new features.

Status Quo and Further Expansion

A so-called Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is assigned to electronic publications as well as to each research dataset. Each publication or research dataset also contains information on the re-use licence, such as Creative Commons. If research results should not or cannot be made directly Open Access, LeoPARD provides alternative solutions. Research data can be archived without being published. Researchers can thus meet the requirements of good scientific practice in different ways.

In the future, the service will be expanded to include new features that scientists at TU Braunschweig need and that help them in their work. For example, an automatic file upload is planned. A connection to the ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) organisation will also be established soon. Users are welcome to contact the university library with publication requests, questions and other suggestions.

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