23. February 2024 | Note-Blog

Two projects for the Braunschweig Light Trail

TU Braunschweig is taking part in this year’s Light Trail in the city of Braunschweig with two projects. A committee recently selected the objects from numerous international applications, which were previously presented with models, videos, photos and sketches in an exhibition at the Braunschweiger Kunstverein.

Alma Barwitzki’s design depicts a swarm of jellyfish. Photo credit: Bernd Schulz/TU Braunschweig

Among the 13 works of art on display around the Oker bypass from 15 June to 6 October are the two TU projects “Sustainability and Water” and “No Trespassing!”. The designs by architecture students Alma Barwitzki and David Radivojevic will be realised during the summer semester at the Institute for Architecture-Related Art under the direction of Professor Folke Köbberling, Sina Heffner and Bernd Schulz, and will then be displayed during the Light Trail on Mühlenpfortdstraße and Sidonienbrücke.

Alma Barwitzki’s light installation shows a swarm of jellyfish. The students want to draw attention to the warming of the world’s oceans and how rising temperatures are causing an imbalance in the underwater world. For example, while coral is dying, jellyfish are proliferating in the oceans.

David Radivojevic’s design deals with the “privatisation of water as a resource”. A platform is to be built in the Oker river as an exclusion zone, fenced in and with a watchtower.

We will report in detail on the work on the two installations at the Institute for Architecture-Related Art in the summer semester