9. November 2023 | Note-Blog

TU Braunschweig trainee is best in Germany

Svea Koglin’s 99% A grade in her microtechnologist apprenticeship makes her not only the best apprentice in the state of Lower Saxony, but also the best in Germany.

She has now been honoured for this at the Lower Saxony Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s Best Trainee Award. She has yet to be honoured as the national winner in Berlin.

Svea Kogler at the Lower Saxony Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) awards ceremony in Papenpurg. Photo credit: TU Braunschweig/Thürmann

The three-year apprenticeship to become a microtechnologist at the Institute of Microtechnology requires a great deal of care and dexterity. Microtechnologists specialising in microsystems technology manufacture microtechnical products in whole or in part, for example sensors in motor vehicles, medical devices or components for mobile phones, etc.