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29. November 2023

Biotechnology Meets Ethics Interdisciplinary exchange on the importance of metaphors in science

25. September 2023

TU for Future: Tierversuchsfrei hergestellte Antikörper

4. September 2023

“I can imagine coming back at some point” Scholarship students from the USA visit TU Braunschweig

3. March 2023

Putting out the fire in the brain DFG Research Unit Develops a Potential Treatment for Autoimmune Encephalitis

22. November 2022

Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Thekla Cordes, Prof. Dr. Boas Pucker

31. August 2022

High-Tech with a Long Tradition 50 years of biotechnology in Braunschweig

9. November 2021

Biotech-Boom in der Schweiz – Austausch mit TU Alumni und LONZA AG Recruitern

27. April 2021

17. Bioethik-Symposium “Aufklärung und Impfung im Kampf gegen die Covid-Pandemie”

29. March 2021

New Drug Grips Tumor Cells with Two Arms Braunschweig antibody in clinical trials in the USA

18. January 2021

Digitaler Themenabend: Impfung gegen COVID-19

27. April 2020

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice: Langweilig? Niemals! Mehr als nur öde Regel

21. January 2020

Scientists show we don´t need horses to treat diphtheria Research Funded by PETA Science Group Breaks New Ground With Recombinant Human Antibodies

17. December 2019

Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Yvonne Mast, Prof. Dr. Laura Steenpass

4. November 2019

Wie viel Impfen muss sein?