31. March 2023 | Press releases:

State promotes university development at TU Braunschweig Five milestones are supported with 900,000 euros

Last year, Technische Universität Braunschweig launched the University Development initiative 2030 to develop a coherent strategy for the holistic development of the university on the path to excellence. The Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture as part of the “zukunft.niedersachsen” programme is funding the associated measures at TU Braunschweig until 2025 with the maximum possible funding amount of 900,000 euros in total.

TU President Angela Ittel: “We have created a forward-looking development plan for TU Braunschweig in a participatory process. With the support of the state, we can now achieve further milestones within the framework of our holistic development model and productively shape the future of TU Braunschweig”.

The following five milestones are promoted

1.     Strengthening collaborative research projects

For the successful submission of proposals for collaborative projects, applicants are provided with human resources to support them.

2.      Attractive study programmes and target group-oriented student marketing

A central student marketing system will be established by the end of 2024. For this purpose, a study on the composition of the student body will be conducted. Based on the results, steering mechanisms for marketing offers will then be developed. The goal is the strategic further development of the study programmes.

3.     Transfer system for fundamental results

In order to transfer research results from fundamental research more strongly into application, a detailed concept for the systematic transfer of fundamental research results is to be drawn up and piloting is to begin.

4.     Implementation of a holistic alumni work

In order to tap the great potential of graduates and former employees and to strengthen a lifelong bond between alumni and the university, alumni work is to be comprehensively structured at university level. To this end, a concept for holistic alumni work is to be developed and an alumni office set up to coordinate alumni activities and establish an alumni database.

5.      Sustainability: Integration and visualisation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in teaching

Embedded in a university-wide sustainability strategy, students are to be empowered even more to think and act in a sustainable manner. To this end, the Green Office’s range of tasks is to be extended to the area of studies and teaching in order to visibly anchor sustainability in university teaching.

“As central actors in the science system, universities are shaping social change today more than ever before. We need our universities as places of reflection, creativity and innovation to ensure the long-term competitiveness of our state and, above all, to meet the challenges in the face of diverse social upheavals. I am pleased that we are supporting the universities in this endeavour with a total of 15 million euros from the zukunft.niedersachsen programme,” says Minister of Science and Culture Falko Mohrs.

About the programme zukunft.niedersachsen

In order to ensure the long-term competitiveness of Lower Saxony and, above all, to meet the challenges in the face of diverse social upheavals, the state of Lower Saxony launched the “zukunft.niedersachsen” programme. Against this background, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) asked the Scientific Commission of Lower Saxony (WKN) to develop networking and development scenarios for research, teaching and transfer together with the universities within the framework of a potential analysis of the entire Lower Saxony science system. The first interim results of this potential analysis were anchored in the 2023/2024 target agreements between the state and the universities. According to these agreements, all universities in Lower Saxony will receive a total of 15 million euros over three years from the Volkswagen Foundation’s zukunft.niedersachsen programme to pursue the goals formulated in the target agreements.