1. March 2022 | Press releases:

Scientific cooperation with Russia temporarily stopped TU Braunschweig clarifies its position in light of the Russian attack on Ukraine

The Russian attack on Ukraine also has wider implications for the scientific community. As such, until further notice, Technische Universität Braunschweig will not be continuing research projects with Russian institutions. In making this decision, TU Braunschweig makes it clear that the military intervention by Russia is a violation of its fundamental values and therefore necessitates a change of direction in how it conducts its activities, including in research and science.

TU Braunschweig shows solidarity with Ukraine

On behalf of the entire Governance Board, TU Braunschweig has decided, after careful deliberation, to suspend its scientific activities with Russia and Belarus with immediate effect. This includes bilateral research projects, academic exchanges between researchers, both ongoing and planned projects between institutes of TU Braunschweig and institutions in Russia, and a dual degree study programme. The continuation of international projects which involve Russian participation will be critically reviewed together with the respective project partners based on contractual regulations and obligations under international law. This step to suspend scientific relations comes as a result of the university’s opposition to the Russian invasion, and is a sign of solidarity as well as its commitment to continuing its scientific cooperation with Ukraine. In the last few days, the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and, more recently, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) have called on universities to halt their cooperation with Russian partners.

“This difficult decision has now become inevitable in light of the recent events in Ukraine. There must be consequences for Russia’s actions. At the same time, we recognise that progress in science relies on international cooperation and that Russian scientists are currently in a very difficult situation. In principle, we are open to continuing to work together in future,” says Professor Angela Ittel, President of TU Braunschweig. “For us, peace, security and internationality are fundamental values. They are a prerequisite for applying science and research in solving global challenges. The threat to Ukraine and the destabilisation of Europe and the international community by the military aggression shown by Russia are therefore unacceptable to us. This war of aggression is already having a significant impact on all aspects of life.”

TU Braunschweig is actively providing support for those affected

TU Braunschweig is currently developing a support programme for Ukrainian students and scientists as well as employees with Ukrainian heritage. Existing refugee programmes will be expanded to accommodate Ukrainian students and to procure funding for researchers.

TU Braunschweig would like to thank all members of the university for their solidarity and support.