22. May 2020 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │22.05.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: staged plan+ immune system + batteries + Teaching magazine + Experiments
book quarantine + Webex + scholarships

Editor: Viktoria Heyer

► Restricted operation

We start our weekly review once again with Corona-News: The federal and state governments are loosening the restrictions, and from Monday on more will be possible at the TU Braunschweig. We will then switch from “massively restricted operation” to “restricted operation”. Working in the office is now back to normal, and our students are coming back to campus for necessary exams and internships. We have summarized the corresponding decisions and measures in the updated operational stage plan.

► Immune system and learning ability

Professor Martin Korte and Dr. Shirin Hosseini from the Institute of Zoology have shown that a messenger substance of our immune system can influence learning ability. Interferon can be involved in the interaction between the immune system and the brain, even independently of an infection.

► Sustainable batteries

Coordinating almost 30 facilities would be a challenge even without Corona. Professor Arno Kwade and Laura Jess talk about their current work at ProZell, a cluster on the way to economically and ecologically sustainable batteries.

► Magazine ” Lehre gestalten” published

The new magazine “Lehre gestalten” (“Designing Teaching”) published by the Teaching and Media Education Project Group whets the appetite for teaching. Best practice, new formats, lots of innovations and many really good pictures can be found in this beautifully designed book.

► Experiments for children

… will be on our YouTube channel on Sunday. The videos follow the story of the autodidact Agnes Pockels and show three experiments on surface tension for children to take part in. The explanation of the phenomena is provided by the Agnes Pockels student laboratory. We were allowed to watch the videos in advance and are very enthusiastic about what our colleague Dr. Saskia Frank, the laboratory and the agency BuT have created.  Have a look yourself on Sunday at 10 am.

► Quarantine for books

What does quarantine of books look like. How can I return books and borrow them contactless. This describes the security concept of the University Library, which has been open again with restrictions for all user groups since 18 May.

► Webex for all

Our Gauss IT Centre has ensured that we can now use the instruments Webex Meetings, Events and Training. All employees and Students at TU Braunschweig have the possibility to use these online tools for video conferences and teaching formats. More detailed information on this will be published in the GITZ blog in the next few days. We certainly spend a lot of time in “Vicos” and are very happy about this great service.

► Carolo-Wilhelmina Corona, our darling of the week:

Our heartfelt thanks go to the donors for Corona scholarships! 89 students who are in need due to the Corona pandemic will receive a Corona scholarship from the Carolo Wilhelmina Foundation. With over 35,000 euros, almost half of the scholarships were donated by citizens. The fund-raising campaign is continuing so that even more students can be helped.