20. September 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │17.09.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Spotlight + Investment Aide + former President + Mail + Translator + Journalism

Editor: Elisabeth Hoffmann

► Impressions of the inauguration ceremony

It’s already past – the ceremonial inauguration of President Angela Ittel. For you we have collected  impressions of the ceremony in our magazine. In addition to numerous pictures, there is also a recap of the evening in video form.

► PolySafe: Making batteries safer

Current collectors, thin metal foils, are a central component of batteries. To reduce the fire risk of lithium-ion batteries, Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) is working with partners from industry and research on novel current collectors in the PolySafe project.

► How will the buildings of the future burn?

This year the “Braunschweiger Brandschutz-Tage” will focus on the new Center for Fire Research (ZeBra). We spoke with Professor Jochen Zehfuß from the Institute of Building Materials, Concrete Construction and Fire Safety about ZeBra’s special research opportunities.

► Invitation to the digital welcome talk for new TU parents

The Family Office cordially invites all parents of newborn children to the digital welcome talk on October 12 with President Professor Dr. Angela Ittel. Registration takes place via the family office.

► Flexible Funding and Career Development for Postdocs

The Klaus Tschira Boost Fund supports excellent scientists in the STEM field with up to 80,000 euros for a maximum of two years. An information event will be held on September 23, applications can be submitted until November 15.

► Ready for Industry 4.0: Freely available e-learning platform

The transition to Industry 4.0 places new demands on the organization and personnel in companies. Vocational continuing education plays a key role in this process. The research project “3T Industry 4.0” has created a platform for teachers and training programs for companies.

► Last date for the vaccination mobile

On September 16, 10 to 16 hrs., the mobile vaccination center team will be in front of the Old Building for the last time. Vaccinations will be given with Johnson & Johnson – one prick is enough. Take advantage of the opportunities, if you have not already done so, also for a more relaxed everyday life in the winter (semester).

► Wanted: the Infographic of the month

Last week we advertised our new monthly newsletter right here. Now we are asking for your input. We would like to publish an attractive infographic or explanatory graphic in each issue. And we are sure that there are plenty of graphics to be found in our institutes and facilities. These do not have to look perfect – we are interested in the data and contexts. An important prerequisite: they should also be interesting for lay people, friends of our university and, for example, politicians. We would be very pleased to receive suggestions.

►Your “Week”: Evaluated

In May, we asked you, dear readers of this newsletter, for your feedback. Thank you once again to all 655 participants in our survey. There was a lot of positive feedback, some sharp but above all constructive criticism. We prepared the results graphically and – at your suggestion – posted them together with a short overview of the editorial process in a place where The Week has not been present for far too long: The website of the Communications and Press Service.

► Darlings of the week

… are the TUBS Players, the English-language theatre ensemble of the Institute of English and American Studies. For the inauguration, they performed two short plays under the direction of Dr. Maria Marcsek-Fuchs: The shortest – hybrid performed – Shakespeare conference ever and a border-crossing Shim Sham dance. Many thanks also to Oxana Voytenko and Niklas Wohlt, lecturers at the Institute of Music and their mediation, for the musical support!