24. October 2023 | Magazine:

Statement of the Executive Board on the Paint Attack at Audimax

During the information fair for new students on 23 October, the group “Last Generation” staged a protest. Two activists from the group used fire extinguishers to spray paint the entrance to the Audimax. Both individuals were issued with trespassing notices. The event was allowed to continue and ended peacefully. The police, who were called to the scene, are now investigating for vandalising.

The Executive Board of TU Braunschweig issued the following statement yesterday regarding the incident at the Audimax:

The Governance Board of TU Braunschweig. Credit:Philipp Arnoldt/TU Braunschweig

“We share the young people’s concerns about the climate crisis and have made sustainability the guiding principle of the entire TU Braunschweig. Members of TU Braunschweig are actively contributing to climate protection in many different ways. Our researchers play an important role in shaping the energy transition and finding solutions to the challenges of the climate crisis. Through numerous events, such as the ’TU for Future’  series, we offer the public and all TU members the opportunity to learn about and discuss the climate crisis and environmentally relevant topics.

With over twenty thousand members, TU Braunschweig is a committed supporter of climate protection. However, vandalism will not help our cause.”