23. August 2021 | Magazine:

Chemistry Building reopened after short operation No danger in the outdoor area

An incident occurred today in the Hagenring Chemistry Building. A small amount of the highly volatile solvent tetrahydrofuran leaked in a laboratory. The safety staff at TU Braunschweig acted quickly and in an exemplary manner and initiated all the planned steps, such as the immediate evacuation of the building. The informed fire brigade was immediately on site with a large contingent and took comprehensive measurements.

To check the incident, the fire brigade was immediately on site at the Hagenring Chemistry Building. Photo credit: Regina Eckhoff/TU Braunschweig

Two employees who were examined in an eye clinic as a precautionary measure have already returned home. There was neither odour nuisance nor danger to residents outside. The building has now been cleared by the fire brigade and work has resumed.