21. November 2022 | Magazine:

CHE Ranking: Top results in Master’s degree programmes in Engineering and Psychology Teaching and research received very good marks

Very good transition to the Master’s programme, excellent supervision by the teaching staff, outstanding support at the start of the degree programme and a high number of doctorates per professor: In the current ranking of the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) for Master’s degree programmes, the judgements of Master’s students were included as facts about teaching and research. The master’s degree programmes in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Biotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Psychology were evaluated.

In the engineering programmes, the Master’s students of Electrical Engineering and Computer and Communication Engineering give very good ratings for the support provided by the teaching staff and for the transition to the Master’s programme. In research, the subject achieves top rankings for citations per publication and research funds per scientist. In Mechanical Engineering, the Master’s students are very satisfied with the general study situation. Top rankings, which stand for the quality of research intensity and the promotion of young academics, are the number of doctorates per professor in the subjects of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering/Civil Engineering.

In Psychology, the Master’s students praised the study organisation. Psychology also scores very well on the research criteria: the subject is in the top group for research funding, publications per scientist and doctorates per professor.

The degree programmes came in the top group for the following criteria:

Civil Engineering

  • Doctorates per professor


  • Doctorates per professor

Electrical Engineering

  • Supervision by teaching staff,
  • Transition to the Master’s programme,
  • Citations per publication,
  • Research funds per scientist

Mechanical Engineering

  • General study situation
  • Doctorates per professor


  • Study organisation
  • Graduations in a reasonable time
  • Publication per scientist
  • Research funds per scientist
  • Doctorates per professor

Environmental Engineering/Civil Engineering

  • Doctorates per professor