21. November 2023 | Magazine:

“#Bring Your Own” on TU Braunschweig’s Campus Packaging waste affects us all

The topic of “Zero Waste” is becoming increasingly important, and Technische Universität Braunschweig is getting ready to make its contribution. To coincide with this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction, the Campus is launching the #Bring Your Own campaign. The campaign encourages people to bring their own containers, cutlery, cups and bags in order to reduce everyday packaging and minimise environmental impact. The campaign has been initiated by the Green Office. Mia Gutschalk, a student assistant in the Green Office, talks about the aims of the campaign.

Why “#Bring Your Own“?

Switching to reusable containers helps to significantly reduce the amount of plastic and other packaging materials used. Furthermore, by using our own containers, we not only reduce waste, but also conserve our planet’s limited resources. The transport and production of disposable packaging is a major contributor to CO2 emissions. By using our own containers, we can reduce the need for industrially produced packaging, helping to reduce our environmental impact.

How does the campaign work?

The “Bring Your Own” campaign on Campus encourages everyone to bring their own reusable containers. The aim is to reduce waste and promote environmental awareness among students, staff and visitors. We use displays with informative posters at the weekly campus market and in other places. We post more detailed information on the Green Office Instagram channel.

“Zero Waste” at the weekly Campus Market

TU Braunschweig’s weekly campus market on the university square is not only a place to meet and socialise, but also a place of sustainability. For example, everyone who brings their own containers receives discounts at designated stands.

Working together for a sustainable future

This campaign is a call for collective responsibility. By taking the simple step of using our own containers, we at TU Braunschweig can make a collective contribution to creating a more sustainable campus.

The message of the campaign?

Our message is clear: Zero Waste starts with us. The Campus is the ideal platform to promote this sustainable lifestyle and make it part of our everyday lives.