14. October 2022 | Note-Blog

UNICARagil: autoELF is being further developed in Braunschweig

This is what it could look like, the driverless family vehicle of the future! autoELF was built as part of the UNICARagil project, which runs until the end of May 2023 and involves a total of eight German universities and several industrial partners. autoELF has just been transported from TU Darmstadt to Braunschweig for further development and testing.

In the BMBF-funded project, four driverless vehicles are being prototyped: a shuttle, a taxi, a delivery vehicle and autoELF. All four vehicles have neither a steering wheel nor a pedal. In addition to autoELF, the Institute of Control Engineering is also responsible for the safety concept and self-awareness of the vehicles. To this end, the researchers will soon be conducting tests and also installing interior components.

A test person study is also planned, which the Institute of Control Engineering is preparing together with the research group for engineering and traffic psychology. At the beginning of next year, the vehicle will temporarily leave our university again in preparation for the final demonstration in May.

More information about the project: www.unicaragil.de