17. May 2023 | Press releases:

Farmers’ market starts on campus Offer enriches campus life and life in the university quarter

Grab your backpack or bag, take your shopping list and head to the campus farmers’ market at Technische Universität Braunschweig between seminars and lectures. On 23 May, the weekly market starts with a handful of market stalls and will enrich campus life and life in the university quarter.

From 23 May, every Tuesday from 2.30 to 6 p.m., the campus farmers’ market on Universitätsplatz, located directly on Pockelsstraße, will be a great place to do some regional and sustainable shopping, even after work. But fresh fruit, vegetables, handmade pastries, waffles and much more are not just waiting for students and employees—the market is open to everyone. It enriches campus life and life in the entire university quarter.

Sustainable shopping

In a relaxed atmosphere, visitors can be inspired to shop sustainably and leisurely. The market offers students in particular the opportunity to buy only as much as they can consume in the next few days. And of course the campus market invites you to get into conversation with each other, whether students with each other or students with local residents. In addition, the campus farmers’ market offers the opportunity to buy regionally and seasonally and with less packaging. This also underlines TU Braunschweig’s strategy to become more sustainable.

The farmers’ market was launched by students and employees via the “Sandkasten” platform. Via the “Sandkasten” platform, members of TU Braunschweig can start projects and events that make the campus more liveable.

It was a long journey to the opening of the campus farmers’ market. The project started four years ago. Due to Covid requirements and other hurdles, the opening had to be postponed again and again. The organisational team also had to regroup again and again during this time. Since then, the project now has over 1,600 fans online who welcome the market to the Universitätsplatz.

The team would like to see more stalls on site: “The area on the Universitätsplatz can be completely filled if suitable traders can be found who want to and, above all, have the time to enrich our farmers’ market with their products,” explains team member Jule Schmölke. The focus is on regional traders who offer food, but also handicrafts or plants. Anyone interested in participating in the campus market is welcome to contact the team. The organisers can also imagine expanding the concept. “If the Universitätsplatz becomes a meeting place on market day, we can also imagine a cultural programme, for example with music afterwards,” says Inga Stang from the market team.

The campus market is planned to run until the beginning of October this year. Other project partners of the market are the AStA and the Green Office of TU Braunschweig.