10. November 2021 | Magazine:

VRB Job-Abo Inexpensive and sustainable mobility option for employees

Couldn’t find a parking space once again? Or were you late due to traffic jams? Then the Job-Abo could be the solution! Technische Universität Braunschweig offers employees the opportunity to use all means of transport of the Verkehrsverbund Region Braunschweig (VRB) at a particularly affordable price in order to reach their destination in an environmentally friendly way. The more that join in, the cheaper it becomes.

Employees expressed the wish for the Job-Abo. This was finally implemented in summer 2018 on the initiative of the Staff Council with the support of the Executive Board. All parties worked together to achieve the entry hurdle of the offer, a minimum number of 50 subscribers. Successfully so: even though the demand has decreased somewhat in the past year due to the given situation, the subscription enjoys a steady demand. At the moment, 63 colleagues at the university use it.

“In addition to getting around on foot or by bike, public transport is a great way to get where you want to go cheaply and in an environmentally friendly way,” says Staff Council member Dr Maurice Scheer. “This makes public transport not only an indispensable part of our mobility culture in everyday life, but also a valuable building block for achieving the university’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030.”

The Job-Abo is particularly attractive because the reduced fares are valid not only on the way to work, but also during leisure time. On weekdays from 7 p.m. and all day on weekends, subscribers can take one additional adult and up to three children (under 15 years of age) free of charge. By purchasing an extension card, the benefits can be extended to a larger area of validity. The difference to the Plus-Abo, which can be purchased by anyone but is also more expensive, is that the Job-Abo is tied to a specific person.

Soon, the Job-Abo could become even more attractive, because the next discount level will apply to 100 subscribers or more. In view of the university’s return to attendance and the upcoming colder season, the Job-Abo could be attractive for many colleagues. On the pages of the Staff Council and the BSVG, you can find all the information as well as instructions on how to register.