21. April 2023 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │21.04.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: HVPDN: Clear Vote + Between Utopia and Dystopia + AI in Teaching – New Normal?

Editor: Dilara Aktaş

► Congratulations

… Professor Manfred Krafcyzk. The Senate and the University Council voted for him by a large majority for the newly created full-time vice-presidency with the cross-cutting themes of digitalisation and sustainability.

► Energy crisis: Thank you for your cooperation and your efforts

President Angela Ittel and Vice-President Dietmar Smyrek express their sincere thanks to all TU employees for their enormous commitment and energetic support in implementing the energy-saving measures with a video message and report on dealing with additional burdens.

► Quantum sensors on the road to application

Scientists led by TU-junior professor Nabeel Aslam are working on sensors in diamond that aim to achieve MRI with atomic resolution. The potential of biomedical measurement methods of Quantum sponsor for biomedicine has now been brought together with colleagues from Harand University in an article in Nature Review Physics.

► JUICE: second launch attempt successful

After being postponed by one day, the JUICE space probe has been launched to Jupiter. After more than 10 years of preparation, the team of the Institute of Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics was now able to successfully send the fruits of their labour into space towards Jupiter. The team around Ferdinand Plaschke is already looking forward to the scientific harvest, even though it will take another 8 years until JUICE arrives at the Jupiter system and the measurement data are available.

► The role of buildings in the spread of infections

Many buildings in Germany are not prepared for pandemics and the containment of infection risks. Recommendations for appropriate protective measures are being developed in the SAVE project led by the Institute of Construction Design, Industrial and Health Care Building.

► Postdigital Participation

The “Leibniz Science Campus – Postdigital Participation” will be funded for another four years with 1.2 million euros. This will enable the participating institutions, including six institutes of TU Braunschweig, to continue and expand their interdisciplinary research on post-digital participation in the fields of education and urban development.

► “changING”: From concept to prototype

Whether it’s a drone, a vacuum cleaner robot or the wing of a model aeroplane. After four years of participation, the students of the first year of the research club “changIng” of the Cluster of Excellence SE²A proved how lofty plans can be turned into functioning experiments.

► Inaugural lectures

Prof. Svenja Vieluf “What is good teaching? A research field in transformation”, Prof. Dr. Esther Serwe-Pandrick “What is modern physical education? A subject didactics in transformation”, and Prof. Julia Gerick “What does digitalisation mean for schools? An organisation in transformation”, Faculty of Humanities and Education, will hold their inaugural lectures on 26 April.

► AI – Transformation in Higher Education

How are AI tools changing everyday university life? How do they affect teaching and examinations? The Project House invites teachers and students to explore these and other questions in a special series of five interactive lectures and a panel discussion. The series starts on 24 April.

► Future knowledge: Utopia and Dystopia

In the summer semester, the Braunschweig Young Lecture Series (BNV) of FK6 asks about utopian and dystopian energies in historical and contemporary discourses and discusses forms of imagination and imaginary worlds directed towards the future.

► “Mobility Days”: Autonomous driving in the public spotlight

Amongst other things, with a day of action in the city centre at the beginning of June, research institutions and the city administration want to bring Braunschweig’s research in the field of autonomous and connected driving more into the public eye.

► Femtec programme starts the next round

The Career-Building Programme Femtec offers female MINT students a comprehensive scholarship for personal career development. Female Master’s students can apply for the programme until 07 May; there will be an information event on 26 April for anyone interested.

► Book Cultures. Past and Present

Starting on 25 April, the departments of German Medieval Studies and Didactics of German Literature at the Institute of German Studies are organising a lecture series on the topic of “Book Cultures”. The lectures will take place in the Haus der Wissenschaft, admission is free.

► Innovation Festival

The Transfernale is a new format that promotes technology and knowledge transfer around the transformation of the automotive industry from 24 April to 4 May. Numerous TU experts will be giving lectures and guided tours. Interested parties can register free of charge.

► Darling of the week

Our darling of the week are the great offers of the Girls’/Boys’Day on 27 April, which the numerous TU institutions are putting on with a lot of commitment. On this day, more than 500 pupils will get a glimpse of university life in 39 exciting activities. We are happy about the numerous registrations, some places were booked up in a matter of seconds, and wish all girls and boys lots of fun and knowledge.