29. January 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │29.01.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: #WeRemember + mask requirement + digitized physics + hybrid engineering + shared storage + online teaching + thousands of favorites

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Against oblivion

On January 27, the TU Braunschweig commemorated the victims of the Holocaust. The acting president, Prof. Katja Koch, the president of the student parliament, Sabrina Ammann, and Luca Kienel from the AStA board laid flowers at the Stolperschwelle in front of the historic building and remembered the displaced, discriminated, persecuted and murdered. The commemoration ceremony took place only in a small circle due to the Corona pandemic.

► Mask salad

The consequences of the new SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulation have caused some confusion this week. According to it, there is an obligation to wear a so-called OP mask or FFP2 mask as soon as the safety distance of 1.5 metres or 10 square metres per person at the workplace is not reached. And according to the TU Braunschweig’s executive board decision of 13 January, there is already an obligation to wear a mouth-nose covering as soon as there is more than one person in the room. Your question: What applies? The crisis team’s answer: Both, complementing each other.

► Red teaching traffic light

As of tomorrow, the Corona traffic light will turn red and face-to-face teaching will be discontinued. We know what it means for teachers and students to switch to digital formats for examinations alongside teaching. We ask for your understanding for the necessary measures and the effort involved. Thank you for the experience reports and offers of support from all those who have already switched over!

► Artificial intelligence for nano- and quantum physics

Until now, it has been an ardous process for researchers to determine the properties of minute structures from images taken with an electron microscope. What if an artificial intelligence could do the task?

► Automotive engineering: Lean thanks to function integration

Less weight, lower costs – that’s what function integration makes possible in automotive engineering. In the joint project “TechnoHyb,” the Institute of Construction Technology in the Mobility core research area is researching process and tool technologies for function-integrated hybrid designs in large-scale production.

► No cable, no waiting

Charging e-cars while driving? In the “eCharge” project, scientists from the Braunschweig Pavement Engineering Centre (ISBS) are working with industry partners to develop a system for contactless charging of e-vehicles while driving. Induction modules are to be integrated into the asphalt pavement of roads.

► Sharing electricity storage in apartment buildings

MELANI research project is looking at how several residents of an apartment building can share a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system. The research focuses on measurement technology, decentralized energy management and payment processes.

► Students evaluate first digital semester

How well did the switch to online teaching formats go, how did they cope with the new situation, and what difficulties did they face? A survey provides answers.

► New opening hours

Starting Saturday, the University Library changes its opening hours and implements the extended mask requirement in the library building.

► DFG Funding Opportunity

Projects within the running DFG Priority Programme “Electronic-Photonic Integrated Systems for Ultrafast Signal Processing” (SPP 2111) can be applied for until April 12, 2021.

► Darling of the week

This week we have passive and active darlings: First of all, we would like to thank all voters in the university elections. Even more thanks go to those in the administration and as electoral assistants who ensured that the first digital university election was a complete success. And finally, we are happy about all those who have agreed to participate in the committees. This is by no means a matter of course and deserves a big MERCI! Find the results here.