19. November 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │19.11.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: AI + prizes + wave flume + brittle concrete + up high + bats + MC Sándor + children’s university

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► “Wissenschaftspreis Niedersachsen” to Professor Arno Kwade and MethodAid

Magnificent: Professor Arno Kwade received the award in the research category. The award also goes to a team of four students who are involved in the student method consultancy “MethodAid”. The awards were presented on November 17 by Lower Saxony’s Minister of Science Björn Thümler. Congratulations!

► NFL Awards Researcher Prize and three Junior Researcher Prizes

On November 9, the Hermann Blenk Researcher Award, the Karl Doetsch Young Investigator Awards and the VDI Aerospace Award were presented at the first hybrid NFL Research Day. Awards were given for outstanding research work in aeronautics research.

► Molecule Design with AI

Since October 1, Jonny Proppe has been teaching and conducting research as a junior professor at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. There, he watches molecules with AI methods and tries to predict how their structures and properties are related. 

► Furry Piles in the Wave Flume

How does mussel and algae growth affect offshore wind turbines? To find out, scientists at the Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources (LWI) are using a new measuring device in the “EnviSim4Mare” project that measures the flow around structures.

► Before the concrete cracks

Detecting damage to structures in time can sometimes save lives. In the Research Training Group 2075 Athira Vadakkekkara is doing research on the development of numerical methods to evaluate the condition of concrete structures. 

► At an Altitude of 10,000 meters to the End of the Project

During the last measurement campaign in the AEROMET_UAV project, the LUCA flight system reached the record-breaking target altitude of ten kilometers. In the process, the drone collects meteorological data that are essential as a basis for weather models and weather forecasting.

►Stories of failing and learning

On 22 and 23 November, the projects of the “Quality Initiative Teacher Education” will come together for the hybrid programme congress in Berlin, including TU4Teachers II and DiBS – Digital Competences for Teacher Education at TU Braunschweig. With “We had imagined it differently…. – Stories of Failing and Learning”, the participating researchers are offering an exchange forum.

► New home for bats

Endangered bats are to find a safe haven at the Federal Horticultural Show in Mannheim. The 7.20-metre high wooden tower was designed by students of the Institute for Landscape Architecture.

► On the Way to Utopia

This is the title of a documentary worth watching on 3Sat on visions for the Future City, which is now available in the media library. Among the architects and urban planners being interviewed: Professor Tatjana Schneider from the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City.

► How urban and rural areas can make themselves fit for the future

… is a topic discussed by Professor Harald Kloft from the Institute for Structural Design gives answers in an NDR 2 special.

► Get the BLB Cup!

The Battery LabFactory Braunschweig (BLB) awards a trophy every six months for outstanding scientific and public activities to promote young scientists. Success stories include, for example, papers, prizes, posters and presentations. The campaign is aimed at doctoral students and postdocs conducting research in or for BLB. Submissions are still possible until November 22 to blb@tu-braunschweig.de.

► Can U Walk This?

MC Sándor, alias Professor Sándor Fekete, is on stage again. He uploaded a new music video for his lecture “Algorithms and Data Structures”. Among other things, it is about systematically finding paths in networks. “In times of distance learning because of COVID, we want to offer our students something!” says Professor Fekete. It’s Euler time!

► Calls for proposals with the US National Science Foundation

Apply jointly to the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) to obtain funding for your US-German research project in Advanced Manufacturing or  Molecular and Cellular Biology.

► Darling of the week

Mmmh, yummy! Our darling of the week is the sweets wave machine. And what is that? Dr. Matthias Bücker from the Institute of Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physics and Jennifer Haacke will tell us more about it at the digital Kinder-Uni on 4 December. Analogous to the TU Nights in the summer, it also has the motto “Lost Places”. Registration until 4. December with a chance to win a Kinder-Uni T-shirt.

► Digital Bouquet of Flowers

The colleagues from Business Unit 3 present a big ‘Thank you!’ to Burkhard Bilitz with a digital bouquet of flowers for his tireless efforts both during the preparation and implementation of the migration from Microsoft Outlook to Exchange. They would like to especially emphasise his remarkable collegial behaviour, his supportiveness and his commitment.