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The Week at TU Braunschweig │18.12.2020 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: currents + antimultiresistent + hubs + garden Lab + awarded engagement + elections + carols + reviewing

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

Christmas message in video

President Katja Koch and Dietmar Smyrek, Vice President for Human Resources, Finance and Infrastructure, take a look at the past thank you on behalf of the entire presidency for your commitment, patience and cooperation.

► Saving fuel by redesigning wing surfaces

Siby Jose and Hendrik Traub improved wings in the SE²A cluster of excellence. They want to use additive processes to produce wings with better flow properties. This reduces turbulence and thus saves fuel.

► New active ingredients for infectious diseases

When microorganisms become resistant to antibiotics, new drugs are needed. That is precisely the goal of the new PhD program of Infection and Therapeutics. Professor Ingo Ott explains the special features of the program.

► The future intensive care unit

… is what the Institute of Construction Design, Industrial and Health Care Building (IKE) is addressing in its new research project together with experts from Charité Berlin and eleven industrial partners.

► When Corona fuels war

The onset of the pandemic also gave rise to hopes that the overarching challenge could permanently defuse armed conflicts. In a study, Dr. Tobias Ide showed why the opposite is the case.

► Tools from natural resources

Scientists from the life sciences are significantly involved in the research group “CytoLabs – Systematic Investigation and Exploitation of Cytochalasans”, which has just been approved by the DFG.

► The perfect wave

The Forschungszentrum Küste (FZK) of TU Braunschweig and Leibniz Universität Hannover gives an insight into its work and the Large Wave Flume in a video.

► EXIST grant for start-ups

Supported by the Entrepreneurship Hub, Dr. Hossein Sadri recruited a one-year EXIST start-up grant. On January 1, he and Mahsa Hejazi will found the company SADAP GmbH, which aims to offer services related to film storage.

Prize for Entrepreneurship Research

Dr.-Ing. Jochen Stöbich has endowed a prize that annually recognises an outstanding dissertation on the topic of entrepreneurship.

► Garden Laboratory Riddagshausen

For his design “Garden Laboratory – Urban Farming Riddagshausen,” architecture student Leon Jakob Buttmannreceived the Laves Prize worth 1,500 euros. The project was supervised by the Institute of Building Construction under Professor Werner Kaag.

► From Research into practice

„We are one of the most innovative regions in Europe. The TransferHub will contribute to becoming one of the regions with the strongest implementation as well,” says Jörg Saathoff project manager of the TransferHub. He explains how this works in the city’s innovation portal.

► 25 years of the Braunschweig Citizens’ Award for students

449,000 euros in 25 years: the foundation awarded 159 students for outstanding achievements and social commitment or supported them in need. In 2020, six award-winning students will be added to the list.

► About gendering

Does gendering change the comprehensibility of a text? Dr. Marcus Friedrich from the Institute of Educational Psychology reports on this subject in “Gendern – Stand der Forschung” on 3sat.

► Dr. Michael Juhnke becomes honorary professor

On December 10, 2020, Dr. Michael Juhnke was appointed Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is being honored for his contribution to the development of research in pharmaceutical process engineering and the establishment of the Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (PVZ).

► A special effect for teaching

If you film a person against a green background, it is easier to mount them against a new background. This effect of countless movies is now coming to teaching, as demonstrated by lecture videos from the Institute for Particle Technology (iPAT).

► Horizon Europe

The European Commission agreed on the budget of Horizon Europe: the new research frameworkprogramme will start at the beginning of 2021 with a budget of 4.5 billion euros, including 1 billion for ERC funding lines. The announced ERC deadlines are expected to be kept up.

► Don’t forget: Just vote

University elections start on January 15. Either vote online, or still apply for absentee ballots until January 8.

► Darling of the week

Our darling of the week would normally hit us as a singing flash mob. That no pandemic can stop the Christmas spirit of our music institute is shown in this video.

See you soon! And a review of the year

Dear readers, has your sense of time also been confused this year? In our picture gallery we review impressive events of the last twelve months at Carolo-Wilhelmina. Hard to believe: The “Week” is itself a child of this year. On 21 February, the first issue came out as a prototype – the first and probably until now the last issue without Corona topics. We say goodbye for the winter break with a big thank you to you: for attentive reading, constructive feedback and many good topic suggestions. We wish you all a festive and relaxing holiday season and a good start to the new year. We will be back on 15 January and look forward to seeing you!

Best regards, your “Week-Team”, the Press and Communication Office