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The Week at TU Braunschweig │06.05.2022 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: CHE Ranking + Coastal Protection with FLOWall + Space Ants: Episode II + Uni-League 

Editor: Mark Winter

► Top marks in the current CHE university ranking

In the new CHE university ranking 2022/23, TU Braunschweig receives many very good ratings from its students in the subjects of psychology and mechanical engineering. With around 120,000 students surveyed and more than 300 institutions examined, it is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in the German-speaking world.

► Europe in view, the region in focus

Professor Rainer Müller is on the new EU coordination committee for quantum topics called “Qucats”. As a physics didactician, he is active in the field of quantum education. This benefits not only various EU projects, but also our local alliances such as QuantumFrontiers and QVLS.

► Urban Street Networks for People

Our picture of the month May offers an unusual view of Braunschweig. It was made by the SpACE Lab of the ISU – Institute for Sustainable Urbanism and gives an insight into the research on human-centric sustainable mobility.

► Coastal protection – ecological and individualised

With “FLOWwall” the Institute of Structural Design has made it to the finalists of the 3D Pioneers Challenge, the international design competition for additive manufacturing and advanced technologies. The project is an ecological and individualised coastal protection structure, realised e.g. with shotcrete 3D printing.

► Use, don’t waste!

The project “Using natural sciences to combat food waste”, which was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) for three years, ended at the Agnes Pockels Laboratory with the presentation of the brochure “Use, don’t waste!” At the same time, it was the kick-off for the restart of the school group visits that could not take place due to the pandemic.

► Why prices are rising

Many foods are becoming more expensive. Felix Rösel, professor at the Institute of Economics, explains the background of the rising prices in an interview with NDR public broadcast and gives hints on what customers can do against price increases.

► Network meeting advanced female scientists@TU Braunschweig

The second meeting of the network advanced female scientists@TUBraunschweig will take place on 24 May. In addition to a joint exchange, the need for and integration of women-specific offers will be discussed. Registrations are still possible today at short notice by email.

► Questions about the future …

… participants can ask at the Salon of Science in the TRAFO Hub on 13 May. More than 30 researchers will explain in individual discussions what they are researching, what they are dreaming about and what their expectations for the future are. Experts include Professor Anne Paschke, Director of the Institute of Law, Professor Tatjana Schneider, Director of the Institute for History and Theory of Architecture and the City, and Stefanie Ollenburger, researcher in the Cluster of Excellence SE²A – Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Aviation.

► Science Slam contributions on the topic of sustainability wanted

Together with the Haus der Wissenschaft Braunschweig, the Green Office is looking for scientists who would like to present their research in a 10-minutes talk at the Science Slam on 22 June. Thematically, social, ecological and economic contributions that have a connection to the topic of sustainability are welcome. Questions and registrations can be submitted to the Green Office by email.

► “You don’t need to be Superheroes”

Under this project title, Dr Kim Bräuer, project leader at the Institute of Sociology, is researching the diverse life situations of fathers. She will present initial research results and an insight into scientific communication on this research topic on 17 May in the lecture “Diverse or polarising? Fatherhood as a reference point for a social diagnosis. On the connection between teaching, research and science communication”.

► Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Scholars

On 23 May, the Entrepreneurship Hub and GradTUBS will hold the workshop “Career paths: Entrepreneurship for scientists and academics”. The workshop offers an introduction to the world of entrepreneurship for researchers and helps to develop a business idea. Interested parties can register online.

► Survey on the use of the nine-euro ticket

From 1 June, every citizen can use public transport for 90 days for nine euros per month. Scientists from the Department of Engineering and Traffic Psychology want to investigate the effects of the discounted ticket with an anonymous survey. The focus is particularly on the question of who would like to use the ticket and under what circumstances.

► Space Ants: Episode II

Because the pronunciation of “May 4th” is similar to “May the force be with you”, May 4 has become Star Wars Day on the web. Fittingly, Professor Sándor Fekete and his team have published a new video. It involves miniature robots called “catoms” that can change their shape and coordinate their movements with neighboring catoms.The model from the video could also come from the Star Wars universe!

► Darling of the week

Our Darlings of the Week can finally get back to scoring goals after three long years, as the University Football League starts play again! Teams can still register to participate until 20 May. Mixed teams are also possible. The first match day is scheduled for 2 June. All persons eligible to participate in university sports (e.g. students of TU Braunschweig, FH Ostfalia, HBK as well as their employees and members of the university sports cooperation partners) can take part.