15. June 2023 | Magazine:

A sharp look at Chemistry Microscope donation for Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory

Chemical structures and processes are now more visible for young researchers. Four new microscopes and two cameras expand the research possibilities of the Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory. The lab equipment had been on the wish list of the pupils’ lab for a long time. A donation from the Ecki Wohlgehagen Foundation made the purchase possible.

The Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory of TU Braunschweig is very happy about external funding for extraordinary projects and purchases that expand the research possibilities for the pupils. We were particularly pleased about the donation of four new high-quality microscopes, after the previous three microscopes had to be discontinued due to their age. In addition, the lab team wanted ways to use the equipment more in their lessons: Therefore, at the top of the wish list were special cameras with which the magnified microscope image can be recorded and shown directly on monitors or on smartboards. This makes it possible for the pupils to view and discuss the images together.

The pupils of the Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory have new research opportunities thanks to the new microscopes. Photo credit: APL/TU Braunschweig

The wishes of the pupils’ laboratory have now been fulfilled by the Ecki Wohlgehagen Foundation, which is supported by the Bürgerstiftung, via the Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund. The four high-quality microscopes can be used, for example, to visualise various chemical structures and processes such as osmosis or the slit for photosynthesis. “My goal is to introduce pupils to the natural sciences and to strengthen the interface between school and TU Braunschweig. The Agnes-Pockels- Pupils’ Laboratory meets this wish exactly,” says Ecki Wohlgehagen during his visit to the lab.

Prof. Christoph Jacob (l.) and Dr. Insa Stamer (r.) show Ecki Wohlgehagen (2nd from right) and Günther Knorr what is now possible in the lab with their donation. Photo credit: Kristina Rottig/TU Braunschweig

More insights into current research topics possible

Dr. Insa Stamer is pleased about the new possibilities: “The new microscopes and cameras allow us to offer various experiments for pupils. For example, in our ‘Food Waste’ programme, the ingredients in cells, such as the starch in potato cells, can be examined by staining with an iodine solution.”

Professor Christoph Jacob, who heads the Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory together with Dr. Insa Stamer, adds: “In the Agnes-Pockels-Laboratory, we want to give pupils the opportunity to gain insights into current research topics and to work with modern laboratory equipment. We are very pleased that the Ecki Wohlgehagen Foundation and the Braunschweiger Bürgerstiftung make it possible for us to develop new offers with modern laboratory equipment.