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21. December 2021

IT Security: Computer Attacks with Laser Light LaserShark: Researchers investigate hidden communication via optical channels - data can be transmitted to light-emitting diodes already built into devices

17. December 2021

The diversity of plants’ water use strategies makes forests resilient to extreme drought Largest tracer experiment to date in artificial rainforest Biosphere 2

13. December 2021

Two researchers from the HZI and TU Braunschweig appointed to the Federal Government’s Corona Expert Council Melanie Brinkmann and Michael Meyer-Hermann are members of the newly created advisory body

13. December 2021

Antibodies of vaccinated or hospitalized COVID-19 individuals still recognize the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 TU Braunschweig analyzed serum samples from vaccinated individuals with new corona variant

9. December 2021

Booster for collaborative quantum computer development New ATIQ project funded by the Federal Ministry of Research has a total volume of 44.5 million Euros

2. December 2021

New Drug Candidates from Known Compounds Big data platform for drug repurposing presented

1. December 2021

How Proteins Clump Together Molecular mechanisms in the aggregation of proteins in membraneless organelles