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31. August 2021

Intelligent parking of the future Vehicles autonomously find their place in the Braunschweig research parking garage

26. August 2021

More Transparency in Artificial Intelligence AIMe – A Standard for AI in Biomedicine

26. August 2021

On a grand tour through the solar system Magnetometer of the TU Braunschweig on another Venus flyby

26. August 2021

Turbulence, Extreme Wave and Heart Rhythm – Predictions for Irregularities TU Braunschweig develops modeling methodology for dynamic systems

25. August 2021

Electromobility: Inductive Charging instead of Cable Clutter TU Braunschweig develops wireless charging technology for electric vehicles in delivery services

23. August 2021

Research on sustainable fibre composites awarded Professor Libo Yan receives the IIFC Distinguished Young Researcher Award 2021

16. August 2021

Digital Tools for Observing Molecular Gymnastics How to find hidden treasures in chemistry with software