11. May 2023 | Press releases:

Graduation ceremony for over 800 students and doctoral candidates Mechanical Engineering Day 2023

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität Braunschweig will bid farewell to the graduates of 2022 with a festive programme in the Stadthalle Braunschweig on Saturday, 13 May 2023. Together with around 1,000 expected guests, the successful completion of the degree, doctorate or first stage of studies will be celebrated.

Graduates from three Bachelor’s and eight Master’s degree programmes will take part in the event, which will be held in person for the first time after a three-year break.

The 2022 degrees at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at a glance:

  • 295 Bachelor’s degrees, share 56 women (19 %)
  • 428 Masters, share of women 77 (18 %)
  • 93 doctorates were awarded last year, including 8 women.

The deans of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Professor Markus Böl, and the Carl-Friedrich-Gauß Faculty, Professor Dirk Konietzka, and the chairman of the Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund e.V., Professor Joachim Block, will welcome the guests. Professor Peter Hecker, Vice President for Research and Early Career Scientists, will hold the welcome address by the Executive Board.

With a short review, Dean Prof. Markus Böl will recall the challenges of studying during the pandemic. “It was an extraordinary situation for all of us. For students, for us teachers, indeed for the entire university. Nevertheless, our graduates achieved their goal with distinction, and perhaps we can all take something positive from this situation. Everyone has shown a high degree of flexibility; new communication channels that did not always work in the beginning; new examination formats and much more; and last but not least, a new, closer togetherness has emerged. Now a new phase of life awaits our graduates. With the acquired professional and personal competences, the acquired resilience and flexibility, they will master their new tasks.

Best doctorate

Dr.-Ing. Christopher Blech receives this year’s Manfred Hirschvogel Prize for the best dissertation at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In his doctorate, the prize winner researched how aircraft passenger cabins can be designed quietly and noise can be avoided using simulation models as early as the development stage. The dissertation “Wave-resolving aircraft cabin noise prediction”, completed at the Institute for Acoustics, was supervised by Prof. Sabine C. Langer.

Since 2015, the Frank Hirschvogel Foundation has been awarding the Manfred Hirschvogel Prize, which is endowed with 5,000 euros, as part of the graduation ceremony in recognition of a scientific achievement with innovative and trend-setting significance for scientific and technological progress in mechanical engineering.

Fabian Konrad, graduate of the Master’s degree programme in Automotive Engineering and Mobile Systems and member of the student representation, will give the keynote speech.

The programme is moderated by Marc Fischer from the programme management and Christian Felsch von Wild, alumnus and long-time active in the mentoring programme of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The ceremony is musically accompanied by singer Helene Zeiss and Mathias Claus on the grand piano as the duo Silver Moon.

The event is supported by the Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund e.V.