14. December 2023 | Press releases:

Application portal open Apply now for the summer semester

Technische Universität Braunschweig also offers the opportunity to start a degree programme in the summer semester. Many Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes with restricted and free admission start in April. Applications are now open online and close on 15 January for most degree programmes. Lectures start on 2 April.

Wide range to choose from

From Architecture, Civil Engineering and Computer Science to Sustainable Power Systems and Electromobility as well as Aerospace Engineering: TU Braunschweig is once again offering a wide range of degree programmes in the summer semester. For the first time, prospective students can also apply for the two Bachelor’s degree programmes in Educational Sciences and Environmental Engineering for the summer semester. In total, there are 16 Bachelor’s degree programmes, 35 Master’s degree programmes and one state examination degree programme to choose from.

There are different application and enrolment deadlines for the individual degree programmes. The application deadline for all Master’s degree programmes and six Bachelor’s degree programmes is 15 January 2024, while applications for 10 other Bachelor’s degree programmes are still possible until 1 April.

Before applying, prospective students have a number of options for checking whether the degree programme they are interested in is right for them and meets their expectations. They can either seek personalised advice directly from the Academic Advice Service, use the online self-assessment to help them make their decision, or find out more about each degree programme through digital degree programme portraits.