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The Week at TU Braunschweig │24.11.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Endowed University + Awards, awards, awards + Ubiläum

Editor: Dilara Aktaş and Hannah Kreß

► Information week on the Foundation model

In January 2024, TU Braunschweig will host an information week on the foundation university model. The new website on the subject of a foundation university provides information on the advantages and disadvantages of this form of organisation. All members of the university community can also find out when and how they can get involved in the opinion-forming process.

► Collaborative Research Centre on 3D printing in construction extended

The scientists of the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio “Additive Manufacturing in Construction” (AMC) are thrilled! The German Research Foundation (DFG) has extended the funding of the joint research project with the Technical University of Munich by four years.

► Another award for the Student House

The Student House was awarded the Architecture Prize of the Association of German Architects (BDA) Lower Saxony on 23 November. The Audimax was also shortlisted. The jury placed particular emphasis on the responsible use of natural resources.

► Braunschweig telecommunications technology honoured three times

The prizes of the Information Technology Society (ITG/VDE) were awarded in Berlin on 23 November. Three awards went to scientists from the Institute of Communications Technology (IfN): Prof Ulrich Reimers (Science Prize for Information and Communication Technology), Prof Tim Fingscheidt (ITG Fellowship) and Tobias Doeker, Johannes Eckhardt and Prof Thomas Kürner (TG Prize 2023 for outstanding publications). Congratulations!

► Science prize for Professor Franziska Neumann and Antonia Schultz

Excellent: Professor Franziska Neumann receives the Lower Saxony Science Prize 2023 as a scientist in an early career phase. Psychology student Antonia Schultz receives the prize in the “Students”  category for her student achievements and voluntary work. Congratulations!

► Science Minister Mohrs learns about the Future Mobility Hub

During a visit to the NFF Falko Mohrs gained an insight into current research into the sustainable generation and efficient use of energy production technologies, intelligent and emission-free vehicle concepts and social transformation processes.

► Can citizen science strengthen trust in science?

Dr Friederike Hendriks from the fourC Junior Research Group and Professor Monika Taddicken from the Institute for Communication Science are investigating this question together with scientists from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and the Museum of Natural History in Berlin. “Trust in Citizen Science (TiCS)” is the name of the project, which is funded by the BMBF with around 900,000 euros.

► Braunschweig researchers discover new hormone signalling pathway

A team of plant biologists at TU Braunschweig and the Julius Kühn Institute in Braunschweig has decoded a gene that controls stress reduction in plants. These new findings, published in “Nature Communications”, are important in agriculture and plant breeding, for example.

► Professor Anne Paschke on legal issues in autonomous driving

For the safe use of autonomous and automated vehicles on our roads, the current legal framework must prove its suitability in practice. This concerns, among other things, authorisation, areas of operation and liability. What obstacles still need to be overcome and how TU Braunschweig is researching them.

► Ideas for a climate-friendly campus

Under the supervision of Professor Gabriele G. Kiefer from the Institute for Landscape Architecture, more than 100 architecture students have been working on short-term designs to develop ideas for a climate-friendly campus. They chose a location on campus for their work and used photographs to create a collage of their visions.

► Course offerings and study organisation are convincing

Students on the Master’s degree programmes in Technology-Oriented Management and Mechanical Engineering and Management received top marks in the CHE Master’s Ranking in the categories of Course Offerings and Study Organisation.

► Mail from Kosovo…

…is sent to us by student teacher Michaela Görg. During her school internship in Prizren, she is getting to know the Kosovan school system and gaining lots of exciting practical experience – including in the field of German as a foreign language.

►Delegation from Taiwan as guests

Visits to research institutions and talks about closer cooperation were on the programme of the delegation from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology last week. One important step is the joint seed funding call. Applications can still be submitted until 31 December.

► About life with Long COVID

Prof Dieter Jahn, spokesperson for BRICS, is still struggling with symptoms such as permanent fatigue syndrome after his COVID-19 infection 2020. Dorothea Hinz spoke to him about the disease and his involvement in the country’s Long COVID Expert Council.

► Inaugural lectures

Professor Stefanie Kroker “Kleine Strukturen ganz groß – Nanophotonik für Quantentechnologien” , Professor Matthias Bücker “Urbane Geophysik: Die unsichtbare Stadt sichtbar machen”  und Professor Michael Terörde “Flugzeuge der Zukunft: Elektrifizierung des Himmels”, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Physics, will hold their inaugural lectures on 28 November.

► City cycling record brings TU bicycle project funding

For the new best performance of the city of Braunschweig in this year’s city cycling, the TU “Sandkasten” project OpenBikeSensor receives a grant of 2,500 euros. The top performance of the TU cyclists contributed significantly to this success. Congratulations!

► Impact projects for young researchers

Young researchers and early career scientists have until 1 December to submit applications for research-based impact projects. Up to three projects will be funded with up to 1,500 euros for the calendar year 2024.

► Community Café on “Zero Waste”

On 29 November, students, lecturers, pupils and interested parties can find out more about the podcasts and explanatory videos on the topic of “Zero Waste” created as part of the Children’s University and network at the Community Café.

► Online lecture on sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace

On 5 December, Professor Monika Schröttle, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, will give a talk on sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace as part of the series „Frauen*realitäten verändern! Frauen in Arbeit, Politik und Gesellschaft“.

► Darling of the week

Our darling has been opening up scientific spaces for 275 years. Our university library is one of the oldest libraries at a German technical university and is also very modern. On 23 November, the celebrations for this year’s anniversary culminated in a festive ceremony – in the middle of the library’s reading rooms.

► Events

There is always something going on at TU Braunschweig. Lectures, discussions, information events, concerts, films and much more. Take a look at our calendar of events and get inspired.