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The Week at TU Braunschweig │03.11.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Singapore + Learned video compression + Urban development in Denmark + Biodiversity

Editor: Dilara Aktaş

► Technische Universität Braunschweig inaugurates research presence in Singapore

The international research presence in Singapore is building a platform for multidisciplinary research with partners in the region. Initially its focus areas will be Smart and Urban Manufacturing, Urban-Industrial Symbiosis, Circular Production and Sustainable Urban Development.

► Hidden world of microorganisms larger than thought

Microbiologists in Braunschweig have shown that the biodiversity of environmentally relevant microorganisms is at least 4.5 times greater than previously thought. They studied a new type of bacteria and discovered astonishing multifunctional properties.

► How hydrogen production can be optimised

In order to build efficient large-scale plants while avoiding damage to production equipment, a number of electrolyser parameters need to be optimised. Prof. Mehtap Özaslan and her Technical Electrocatalysis Laboratory have been investigating water transport and consumption in an electrolyser.

► 1st prize for Mjellma Çitaku

The TU Braunschweig graduate was awarded the ARD/ZDF Förderpreis 2023 “Women + Media Technology” at the Medientage München last week. Mjellma Çitaku received the award for her master’s thesis “Learned Video Compression with Deep Neural Networks”, which she wrote at the Institute for Communications Technology under the supervision of Prof. Tim Fingscheidt.

► On the trail of pharmaceutical development

Our picture of the month for November takes you inside the Collection of Pharmaceutical History, curated by the Department of the History of Pharmacy and Science. The jars in the picture contain pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral substances that were used as medicines.

► Congratulations

… to Prof Dr Hermann Wätzig! In October, he was awarded the Elsa Ullmann Medal by the German Pharmaceutical Society (DPhG). Within and outside the DPhG, the professor from the Institute for Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry has been particularly committed to the development of the pharmaceutical profession.

► Seed funding Interdisciplinary Collaboration goes into the second round!

After a very successful first round, Vice-President Katja Koch, Vice-President Peter Hecker, the Research Service and the Project House invite interested parties to a second round of the “Interdisciplinary Collaboration” programme, in which interdisciplinary research projects at TU Braunschweig will again be funded. As in the first round, a matchmaking workshop will take place on 6 December between 16:00 and 18:00. Short profiles can be submitted until 30 November.

► Workshop for postdocs and doctoral students interested in starting a company

The online workshop From research to pitch: How much creative potential do you have? on 6 November, participants will learn how to successfully present their vision.

► 28 x Urban Development in Denmark

Until 8 November, the Danish Embassy’s travelling exhibition “Liveable City – 28 x Urban Development in Denmark” can be seen in the foyer of the Architekturhochhaus on Mühlenpfordtstraße and in the foyer of the Okerhochhaus. At the closing event on 7 November, Lisbet Wolters and Dr Katrine Østergaard Bang will talk about planning and architectural urban development practice in Denmark.

► Inaugural lecture

Prof. Norman Hack, Institute of Structural Design, will hold his inaugural lecture “Code, Craft, Construct. Navigating the Digital Transformation in Architecture and Construction” on 8 November.

► Pre-Opening of the “4LAB – Social Innovation Lab”

As part of the tu4society project, 4LAB is a space for students, for workshops, educational opportunities and co-creative thinking and action. On 8 November, the Knowledge Transfer Team of the Transfer and Cooperation House will present the laboratory for social innovation, service learning and social entrepreneurship in the Community Café of the Old Building.

► Lecture series: Activism – Between Urgency and Inflation

In the winter semester, Braunschweiger Nachwuchs Vortragsreihe of Faculty 6 would like to open the interdisciplinary discourse to the field of activism, which is located between urgency and inflation. The lecture series will be open to all TU members and interested parties from 16 November.

► Darling of the week

… this time it is the computer scientist Dr Phillip Keldenich who has been awarded the 2022 Heinrich Büssing Prize for his outstanding scientific achievements in solving difficult problems (complexity theory). Complex problems are not about the optimal solution, but about strategies that lead to the best possible solution. The €10,000 prize was awarded on 1 November by the “Stiftung zur Förderung der Wissenschaft an der Carolo-Wilhelmina” of the Braunschweig University Association (BHB).

► Events

There is a lot going on at TU Braunschweig, especially at the beginning of the semester. Lectures, discussions, information events, concerts, films and much more. Take a look at our calendar of events and get inspired.