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The Week at TU Braunschweig │02.06.2023 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: University Council: Members Farewell + New Quantum Study Programme + Autonomous Mobility on the Schlossplatz

Editor: Mark Winter

► University Council bids farewell

In its last meeting on 31 May, the members of the University Council were bid farewell and their work was honoured. Since 2019, the University Council has accompanied and advised the University with its expertise on the challenges of the last four years and set important parameters for the future.

► Semester times are fixed

For those who want to plan ahead: the semester schedule and the time periods for the courses have been fixed up to and including the summer semester 2027. The times were set taking into account family-friendly overlaps with school holidays as well as the votes of several committees.

► Towards more sustainability in offshore wind energy

Within the Anemoi project, eleven European institutes will investigate the occurrence and impacts of chemical emissions from offshore wind farms in the North Sea. The Leichtweiß-Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources (LWI) is specifically researching the behaviour of macroscopic paint particles from the corrosion protection layer of offshore wind turbines under wave loads.

► Congratulations

… to Dr. Alexander Henkes, Prof. Henning Wessels and Prof. Jason Eshraghian! The research team was honoured with the Sustainability Award at the annual conference of the Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM) in Dresden. The scientists have developed a digital method that can help maintain bridges more efficiently and extend their service life.

► Senior citizens test autoELF

After the children, senior citizens were now allowed to test the autonomous family vehicle autoELF of the UNICARagil project. With this study, the scientists want to find out whether older people over 65 can cope with all the functions. The NDR reports on this.

► Ready, set, go quantum!

With “Quantum Technologies in Electrical and Computer Engineering“, a new English-language Master’s programme will start in the coming winter semester, which will graduate students as experts in quantum technologies.

► Picture of the month: Rare earth-doped nanoparticles

Biomarkers with versatile properties are developed at LENA. They are needed to observe processes in biological systems such as the human body. Rare earth-doped nanoparticles are used to mark different structures with unique colours.

► EXIST: Strategies for more start-ups

This week, 250 representatives of EXIST-funded projects to promote start-ups from 150 universities met in the Audimax. The aim was to increase the number and success of knowledge-based start-ups by exchanging successful measures.

► Development of Guiding Principles for Learning and Teaching

In a university-wide, participatory process, guiding principles are to be developed as an orientation framework for the area of learning and teaching. The Vice President for Studies and Teaching, Prof. Dr. Knut Baumann, invites all members of TU Braunschweig to participate. Contribute your perspective!

► Horizon Europe partner search tool

The partner search tool connects coordinators as well as partners who aim to win a grant in cluster 5 of the Horizon Europe programme. Register yourself to create your network and participate in upcoming submissions.

► Darling of the week

Experience autonomous driving at first hand? Our darling of the week makes it possible! After the symposium at the NFF takes place today as part of the “Mobility Days”, all those interested can inform themselves about the topic of autonomous driving and take part tomorrow at the action day on Schlossplatz. Exciting presentations and hands-on activities await and with a bit of luck you can take a seat in an autonomous vehicle.

► Events

There is always something going on at TU Braunschweig. Whether lectures, discussions, information events, concerts, films and much more. Take a look at our calendar of events and let yourself be inspired.