16. July 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │16.07.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Greetings + Infection protection + quantum competencies + winners + electrical vehicles in police service + Braunschweig antibodies

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► “We have a lot of plans!”

“One thing, that fascinates me so much about TU Braunschweig, is that it’s so dynamic, that there’s such a great spirit of optimism here, which I would like to use and add my inputs based on my longstanding experience, so that together we can optimize and create an even better university.” In a video greeting, our new president, Professor Angela Ittel, introduces herself and looks at the goals and challenges of TU Braunschweig.

► A map of quantum competencies

What competencies do future specialists in quantum technologies actually need? Professor Rainer Müller and doctoral student Franziska Greinert from the Institute for the Didactics of Natural Sciences investigated this and created a competency framework on behalf of the EU Commission.

► 5.7 million for further development of digital teaching

The new „Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre“ is funding the projects “ProDiGI” and “Co³Learn” with a total of 5.7 million euros. Both projects aim to further develop digital teaching, which has become much more important during the Corona pandemic.

► Corpus Libri et Liberi

As part of the new DFG-funded “Colibri” project, the University Library is digitizing around 4,000 volumes from its children’s book collection. The project partners want to build a digital collection of around 15,000 books of German-language children’s and youth literature from the period 1801 to 1914.

► A house for the pigeons at Hagenmarkt

Students of the Institute for Architecture-Related Art (IAK) have designed pigeon lofts for the birds at Hagenmarkt and are presenting them at St. Katharinenkirche until July 22. They like to initiate a public debate on the topic of “pigeons in the city”.

► Tiny neighbours

… can now be examined in the pavilion of the Reallabor Hagenmarkt. Dr. Liseth Pérez from the Institute for Geosystems and Bioindication (IGeo) has prepared an exhibition with ostracods and water fleas. The microorganisms can be used to reconstruct current and past changes in biodiversity, water quality and climate.

► Rainbow flag hoisted

Just in time for the start of the Sommerlochfestival, the rainbow flag was hoisted on the Universitätsplatz on July 15 to set a sign for acceptance, diversity and self-determination.

► Two students win awards in poster competition

Aerospace engineering students Tim Hertwig and Catherine Rau won this year’s ASME Turbo Expo poster competition. Turbo Expo is one of the world’s most important conferences in the field of turbomachinery.  

► Young Software Developers Day

On July 22, students will digitally present their semester projects at the “Young Software Developers Day“. Among them: An AR Escape Game, a virtual office environment and a billiards app.  

► Participation in other DFG priority programs possible

Information on the individual calls and the application process can be found on the DFG website.

► Call for proposals of the Volkswagen Foundation

Interdisciplinary teams can apply for the Volkswagen Foundation’s call for proposals “Global Challenges – Pandemic Prevention: the Role of Human-Environment Relationships” until November 04. Among other things, the initiative strengthens international relations between researchers from different regions around the world. 

► Electric vehicles tested in police service

The research project “lautlos&einsatzbereit” showed that the potential applications are more far-reaching than previously assumed. It also showed positive effects on fuel and overall energy consumption. The results were published in a guide.

► Darling of the week

Our darling of this week is the antibody COR-101. Usually, our body produces antibodies itself to fight viruses like SARS-CoV-2. But sometimes these antibodies do not form, for example, due to pre-existing conditions. In such cases, the administering of suitable antibodies such as COR-101 can help. It was developed by researchers of the TU Braunschweig, the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research (HZI) and the biotech company YUMAB GmbH.

► Are you thinking about holidays?

Next week the school holidays start and the lecture period ends. Especially for those travelling abroad, the Personell Department has compiled the current regulations of the country and the Robert Koch Institute for returning.