5. March 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │05.03.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics:  P-election + Crisis management + coffee machine + farming drone + nanoparticles + early bloomers

Editor: Laurenz Kötter

► Who will become President of Carolo-Wilhelmina?

Next Wednesday, 10 March, from 5 p.m., the Senate and the University Council will meet in a joint session to elect the new person to head the Presidential Board. The members entitled to vote and the candidate will then meet in the Audimax under strict hygiene regulations. The university public is invited to participate via digital transmission. We will announce the link to the registration here on Wednesday morning.

► One year crisis management

For a year now, the team of the crisis management has been reviewing countless requests for business trips, events and day-to-day work during the pandemic. Time to take a look behind the scenes.

► Medication made to measure

… and from the coffee machine. Professor Arno Kwade reports on “Besser Smart”, about innovative concepts at the Center of  Pharmaceutical Engineering (PVZ) and why the interdisciplinary association at the PVZ is unique in Germany.

► A warm welcome

We are proud to welcome Professor Ralf Jänicke, the new head of the Institute of Applied Mechanics. In an interview, he talks about simulation methods to predict how particular materials will behave and why mechanics is not just mechanics.

► Spot Farming

With robots, drones and satellites, spot farming aims to focus on the individual plant. The advantage: less fertilizing and still more yield.

► 3D microfluidics for nanoparticles

A channel with a diameter of 0.2 millimeters helps the Institute of Microtechnology to produce tiny nanoparticles. These, in turn, are used by the Department of Pharmaceutics to deliver active ingredients to the right place.

► Digital assistants in school

How can apps be used in music lessons? Master’s students from the Institute of Music and Music Education have provided further training for teachers under the direction of Professor Bernhard Weber.

► New offers from the Development of Teaching and Learning

For the coming semester, the team of the Project House again offers college teachers a variety of opportunities for qualification, advice and support.

► Survey on workplace-related health

As part of the EU project H-Work, Occupational Health Management and the Institute of Psychology invite participation in this survey on workplace-related health.

► Research funding for “Enabling Technologies for Quantum Technologies”

The BMBF is funding collaborative projects on enabling technologies for second-generation quantum technologies. The deadline for draft proposals is April 11.

► From brand to desirable luxury

Hannes Gurzki researched how this can be achieved through brand management in his dissertation. For his work at the Chair of Services Management, he received the Science Award of the Markenverband.

► Darling of the week

Our darlings of the week are growing and thriving. Even a few bees came to visit. Unfortunately, the botanical garden is closed for other visitors due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the pictures of blooming lenten roses, snowdrops and winter aconites help us to get through the returned cold weather.