21. July 2023 | Magazine:

Secure GPS Signal in Case of Loss of Device Semester projects awarded prizes at the "Young Software Developers Day"

Around 190 students from the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Business Information Systems, Computer and Communication Systems Engineering at Technische Universität Braunschweig presented the results of their software development internship on 20 July. A jury of experts from science, industry and the student body evaluated the projects and awarded prizes to the three best teams.

1st place: The team from the Institute for Application Security was able to convince with the project “Development of a Privacy Preserving GPS-Tag”. Photo credit: Madeleine Franke/TU Braunschweig

The project “Development of a Privacy Preserving GPS-Tag” convinced the jury the most. The team supervised by the Institute for Application Security took first place. In this project, a GPS tracking system was developed that provides secure communication between the GPS tag on the device to be secured and the end device. If the secured device is lost, it can be quickly found again via the GPS signal.

2nd place: Students from the Peter L. Reichert Institute achieved second place with the gaming application “QR-Tag”. Photo credit: Madeleine Franke/TU Braunschweig

Second place went to the “QR Tag” project by students of the Peter L. Reichert Institute. The team developed an app that uses QR codes to make a hardware-free version of the laser tag game possible: to catch a player, all you have to do is scan the code attached to the player.

3rd place: Students from the Institute of Information Systems optimise the student information system Stud.IP with the chatbot extension “ChatStud.IP”.

Third place is shared by the projects “ChatStud.IP” from the Institute for Information Systems. The students in this team developed a chatbot that is intended to help students, especially at the beginning of their studies, to get to grips with opportunities at the university. Stud.IP in particular, an internet-based working environment to support courses at educational institutions, should be even easier and faster to use as a result.

About the Software Development Internship

In this year’s software development internship, around 190 students from twelve institutes worked on 28 different projects and learned how to develop complex software systems in a practical way. They were accompanied by the respective institutes from the planning to the development to the completion and testing of the products. The software development internship is offered by the Institute of Software Engineering and Automotive Informatics every summer semester.