19. December 2023 | Magazine:

It’s time for the winter break Closing times at TU Braunschweig at the turn of the year

Der Weihnachtsbaum auf dem Universitätsplatz

As in previous years, Technische Universität Braunschweig is taking a winter break. All facilities and institutes will be closed from Saturday 23 December 2023 to Sunday 7 January 2024. The telephone switchboard and the post office will also be closed during this period. However, individual study rooms will be available to students. The aim of the extended closure is to save energy, especially in view of the additional costs next year. We have put together some tips on how to save energy during this time.

Why do we need to keep saving energy?

The energy price brakes for electricity and gas, which were to last until the end of March 2024, expire at the end of this year. They were financed by the economic stabilisation fund, which the Federal Constitutional Court overturned in a budget ruling. For Technische Universität Braunschweig, the premature end of the energy price brake means high additional costs. These additional costs, the still unstable supply situation on the markets, the government’s call for energy savings and our efforts to operate in a sustainable manner require all of us at the university to adhere to and implement the energy-saving measures we have already taken to an even greater extent.

Extended winter break reduces energy demand

One of the measures is the extended winter break. Energy can be saved because, for example, there is no teaching in the classrooms and the library is closed. The additional closure of administrative and research activities means that the energy demand of the buildings can be reduced even further.

Compared to last winter, the energy situation has eased somewhat. Nevertheless, we at TU Braunschweig want to continue to act sustainably and build on our energy-saving successes. In 2022/23, we implemented efficient energy-saving measures together. This year (January to October), we were able to reduce heat consumption by 18.8 per cent, adjusted for weather conditions, and electricity consumption by 7.5 per cent compared to the same period in 2022/23. Despite these impressive results, the overall situation remains tense.

Closing times in detail

Study Service Centre and Study Service Call: 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024

  • On 22 December 2023, the Study Service Centre will be open from 10.00 to 12.00 and the Study Service Call from 10.00 to 13.00.

Academic Advice Service (Zentrale Studienberatung, ZSB): 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024

  • The Academic Advice Service will offer a telephone consultation on 4 January 2024 from 10am to 12pm.

International House: 23 December 2023 – 7 January 2024

  • There will be no office hours between 23 December 2023 and 7 January 2024.

University Library (UB): 23 December 2023 to 7 January 2024

  • Electronic resources will continue to be available without restriction.

Gauss IT Centre, Hans-Sommer-Straße 65 and Pockelsstr. 4: 23 December 2023 until 7 January 2024

  • The GITZ will close on 22 December 2023 at 17.00.

Sports Centre: 23.12.2023 to 07.01.2024

  • University sports activities will cease from 12 noon on 22 December 2023. The closure will affect all sports facilities, including the sports halls, the CampusGym and all outdoor facilities at Franz-Liszt-Strasse 34. Courses at the Institute of Sports Science will take place until 15:00.

Mensas: 23 December 2023 – 7 January 2024

  • All “Studierendenwerk” mensas and cafeterias will be closed during the winter break.

Availability of study spaces

The following learning spaces are available to students during closing hours:

  • Central Student House: Open from 2 January 2024 for all students from 8am to 10pm.
  • Masch.Bau – Student House: Open throughout the closure period. All pre-registered students will still be able to reserve rooms and study in them.
  • Student House at Wendenring 1-4: The study and work rooms can still be used during the closure with transponders. These can be obtained from the AStA in Katharinenstraße. The transponders must be collected before 21 December 2023 and can only be returned from 8 January 2024.

What to do before the winter break

Successful savings, especially in electricity consumption, can only be achieved with the cooperation of all TU members. Please take the following steps to actively support the conservation effort:

  • Ensure that doors and windows are locked during the winter break and that lights are switched off when leaving offices, seminar and lecture rooms and buildings.
  • Turn heating thermostats down to level 1 (equivalent to a set room temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius).
  • To minimise the risk of mould and condensation, air rooms for about 10 minutes before leaving for the last time.
  • Raise the blinds.
  • Shut down PCs completely and unplug power supplies (e.g. for electronic equipment such as monitors and printers). Please note the exception for leased Ricoh multifunction printers.
  • Switch off under-sink appliances such as kettles in kitchenettes. Please follow this rule regardless of closing times.
  • Refrigerators in kitchenettes should be emptied and switched off. Leave the doors ajar and defrost any ice trays if necessary.
  • Ensure that research facilities and equipment are in a safe condition and store research materials and hazardous substances safely.
  • Please check which equipment can be switched off in order to achieve additional savings in view of the length of the closing time. Please follow the technical requirements to avoid damage to equipment.

On 8 January 2024, it may still be very cold at the start of the working day. Please be aware that it may take some time to reach the required temperatures. Thank you for your support!

We wish everyone a happy holiday season and a good start to the New Year.