27. August 2021 | Magazine:

The Week at TU Braunschweig │27.08.2021 Our Newsletter for all Employees

Topics: Inauguration + security + wireless charging + AI + thank-you party of the Federal President + outdoor sports + city cycling

Editor: Lisa Ryll

► Ceremonial inauguration

On September 2 at 6 p.m., Professor Angela Ittel will be formally inducted into the office of President. You are cordially invited to the digital broadcast.

► Teaching traffic light on orange

The 7-day incidence is now more than three days above the 35/1000 population* level. This means that the teaching traffic light has changed to orange. It also tightens the infection control measures.

► Safety on Campus I

On Monday, there was a major fire department operation in the Hagenring chemistry building because a solvent had leaked. Due to the immediate and prudent response of our security forces and the competent fire department, the all-clear was quickly given. Thank you!

► Safety on Campus II

On the same day, an unknown person poisoned food in a building of the TU Darmstadt – fortunately, the six victims are doing better. Even though it is unlikely that this will happen again at our university, we ask you to be careful with food that you did not bring yourself and that is not stored under supervision.

► Charging without tangled cables for delivery vehicles

In the LISA4CL project, commercial vehicles are being equipped with inductive technology for the first time. A fleet test in Berlin will demonstrate that this technology can advance the electrification of delivery transport safely, reliably and economically.

► More transparency for artificial intelligence

TU researchers, together with an international team, have proposed a standardized registry for artificial intelligence (AI) work in biomedicine. This can increase trust in the use of AI algorithms in research and, in the future, in everyday clinical practice.

► Federal president thanks the Lern-Buddies

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender thanked citizens who had shown special commitment in their professions or voluntary work during the Corona pandemic with a garden party in the park of Bellevue Palace. Among them: the initiator of the Lern-Buddies project, Dr. Claudia Schünemann from the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences.

► New Research Spaces for the Humanities and Cultural Studies

Project teams can apply for the funding line “Open Up – New Research Spaces for the Humanities and Cultural Studies” of the Volkswagen Foundation until November 3. Project partners from the social sciences and the life, natural and technical sciences are welcome.

► Outdoor workplace health courses start again

In addition to the online courses, the first outdoor face-to-face courses of the workplace health promotion will start again on September 6. These include outdoor fitness, qigong and functional spinal gymnastics.

► Symposium International Teaching – Call for presentations

Until September 15, teachers and students can still submit their contributions for the Symposium International Teaching on November 18/19, organized by the Project House. Present your experiences and ideas and discuss impulses and best practices for the future design of international teaching.

► Darling of the Week

Our darling of the week is the “TU Braunschweig” team at CITY CYCLING. The first participants have already signed up, and more are welcome. Every kilometer counts: If enough TU members pedal hard, we can top last year’s 7th place and our 27,750 kilometers! From September 5 to 25, the city of Braunschweig is participating for the fifth time in the Climate Alliance’s campaign to avoid the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Last year, 5,693 cyclists in Braunschweig covered 1,229,180 kilometers.

► Digital bouquet of flowers

On the occasion of her last working day as head of the German as a Foreign Language department and as DSH exam chair at the International House, a digital bouquet of flowers goes to Dr. Almut Klepper-Pang this week. The sender is Professor Ursula Kowalsky from the Institute of Statics. With this, she would like to express her sincere thanks for the pleasant and friendly cooperation and wishes her much success as the head of the Language Center at the European University Viadrina.