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Hybrid quantum systems: Electron spins interacting with electric fields 27.06.2017 | 16:45 Uhr - 18:15 Uhr

Electron spins in coupled semiconductor quantum dots can be endowed with a controllable
electric dipole via the Pauli exclusion principle. We show how this effect enables electric
control of spin qubits, while also causing deleterious spin decoherence. We then highlight
two hybrid quantum systems consisting of spins in a solid and photons in an electromagnetic
cavity. The interplay between distinct elements within such hybrid quantum system opens
fascinating new possibilities in fundamental physics, sensing applications, and quantum
information science. Our theory shows that the three-spin resonant-exchange and exchangeonly
quantum bits can be efficiently coupled to super-conducting microwave resonator. We
also discuss the physical mechanisms that can couple the electron and nuclear spin of defect
centers in wide-gap semiconductors to optical cavities, and the implementation of two-qubit
quantum gates for defect spin qubits.


Prof. Dr. Guido Burkard, Universität Konstanz

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