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From Connected Cars to Virtual Edge Computing to Cooperative Driving 14. März 2019 | 16:00 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr

We discuss the challenges and opportunities of the connected cars vision in relation to the need for distributed data management solutions ranging from the vehicle to the mobile edge and to the data centers. Vehicular networking solutions have been investigated for more than a decade but recent standardization efforts just enable a broad use of this technology to build large scale Intelligent Transportation Systems. As a novel concept, vehicle micro clouds have been proposed that bridge the gap between fully distributed vehicular networks based on short range device to device communication and 4G+ based infrastructure for centralized solutions. We also shed light on the potentials of a vehicular cloud based on parked vehicles as a spatio-temporal network and storage infrastructure. Using platooning as a selected application example, we assess the needs on the underlying system components with a particular focus on inter-vehicle communication. Overall, it turned out that vehicular networks are way more dynamic than originally considered. Radio signal fading and shadowing effects need to be considered in the entire design process as well as the strong need for low-latency communication, fairness, and robustness. We bring all these aspects together outlining necessary ingredients for future cooperative driving solutions.


Prof. Dr. Falko Dressler, Distributed Embedded Systems Group, Universität Paderborn

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